Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Conditions For Sleep 100% Good

Home from rehearsal and it's been steadily drizzling for hours. This is nice. And makes me sleepy. Mr. Moon is home and all is well.
I'm ready for bed. Well. In my mind.

Today was fine. I got to see Billy and I got to see Owen and Lily and Jason. Owen was wearing his Woody costume today in the grocery store. He was patrolling the aisles, keeping the peace, you know, the empty gun holster flapping at his side. He had his hat too. He grabbed an apple and took a bite of it. "Owen!" Lily said. "We have to pay for it before you can eat it!" Then she said, "That apple's probably going to cost two dollars." It was one of the big nice apples, not one of the little apples in the bag. "Oh well," she said.

He's a pistol, that boy.

He forced me to buy him a personal-sized watermelon. I did it gladly. He and his mama took it home and I got a text message with a picture of it from Lily after they'd cut it. She said it was really good. I remember once when I was hugely pregnant with one of my babies and it wasn't watermelon season but there were some in the store and I wanted one so bad but it was out of our price-range, or so my husband said. This was my first husband.
I'll never forget how much I wanted that watermelon. I'm grateful I can buy watermelon out of season for my pregnant daughter and her son. Such a simple thing. Such a pleasure.

Publix. Where Shopping Is A Pleasure. That's their motto and it is. Especially for me at Lily's store. Everyone knows me and calls me "Mama" or "Grandmama." When I leave they all say, "Bye Mama!" I feel like a grocery-store celebrity because I'm Lily's mama and Owen's grandmama. It's cool. Now if I could only get free food like real celebrities do. Oh well. I got plenty of BOGO coffee and that's almost as good. Don't even have to be a celebrity to get it, either.

Well, that's enough of that drivel. Time to get ready for bed for real. Tomorrow I'm going to the eye doctor to see if I qualify for the Lasix surgery. I hope so but I'm not pinning my dreams on it. At the very least, I need new glasses and that's a fact.

So let's all have some nice, rain-drizzly dreams, okay? Let's slip down into sleep slow and easy and stay there all night long, waking only to know how good it feels to be there in that bed for that precious time when we don't owe the world anything but to keep on breathing, in and out.
My sheets are clean, the rain is pattering down and my boyfriend's back in town.

Yeah. All right.

Sounds real good to me.


  1. I pick up my new glasses tomorrow. Our lives weave on.

    Love ya.

  2. Yes, the rain is heavenly. I hope you have some good rest and also qualify for the surgery.


  3. I love you in your glasses but everyone I know who've had the surgery swear by it.

    When I was pregnant with Jack I craved and ate an entire cantaloupe every night for the entire winter. They were from Ecuador. This was prior to my food mile issues.

    Many nights I ate my cantaloupe smothered in coffee yogurt.

    Good Night Ms. Moon. Sleep well.

  4. That does sound so good -- clean sheets, bed, drizzle, man.

  5. Lasix, o I hope so for your sake. I'd give my eye teeth to not wear glasses anymore. I have many pairs of nice expensive glasses but I KNOW I'd look just like Penelope Cruz without 'em. You know???

    XXXX your friend Beth

  6. Oh, fuck, you should have had that pregnancy watermelon :(

    I had a watermelon experience during my first pregnancy and it was possibly the most satisfying moment of my life :)

  7. Sounds good to me too Ms Moon... I like the Woody Story. Mazzel tov or break a leg with the eyes... Whatever you prefer...

  8. Raining here with a drizzle too. It is a good day to relax. I like the drizzly dreams.

  9. SJ- I look at pictures of myself and I think, "How in the world has my family allowed me to carry on with these things on my face?"

    Ms. Fleur- Surgery? Yikes! I guess it is, though.

    Michelle- Hey! Pregnant women should be able to eat anything from anywhere without worrying about food miles. I knew someone who ate cantaloupe with sweetened condensed milk on it.

    Elizabeth- It was a little slice of heaven.

    Beth Coyote- I'd just settle for not looking like an old-woman doll.

    Jo- There is some deep link between pregnancy and the enjoyment of melons.
    They should do a study.

    Photocat- The world is a safer place with Sheriff Woody patrolling our aisles!

    Syd- One of the joys of this life. I swear.

  10. I love that you were able to provide the watermelon that you should've been allowed so long ago.


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