Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Again, a hint of spring is back in the day in the morning, in this calm place.
It's a wetness, it's a mildness, it's a bird-singing wonder, it's an awareness of the buds of spring hiding tightly away in brown, a dream of them but still, one that will come true.

A quiet-stunning. A silent promise, even in dried sticks of branches.

This is another day. This is that one promised. Or if not promised, then hoped for. This is a day-after-a-night-of-dreams of being in a city, living in an apartment, finding beauty in squalor, an old wooden table, remnants of green paint upon it, the wood still sturdy, this will be my table, I will put a white cloth upon it. There will be lace here.

This is a planet of blue-green water which hides the world within it from us, hides this world outside it from it, creating mystery, fostering curiosity, holding more than we can know and we know that and we are amazed.

This is a planet of dark-brown earth from which springs the tiniest ferns and the trees so sky-stretching that within their branches are entire other worlds, again, hidden from our view, thus, mostly unknown.

This is a universe of vast-unknown-to-us and some of us ask what and why and some of us are content to take that as comfort as to our insignificance and some of us, well, both of those things at once.

This is a day of the smallest particle, as unknown perhaps as the largest galaxy, but suspected, perhaps, searched for.

This is the day of the cup of coffee, this is the day of the fingers on the keyboard, this is the day of the words in the head, this is the day of the fruit and the bean, this is the day of the steps down the road, this is the day of the wheels on the pavement, this is the day of the knowing and not-knowing, this is the day of the life of the woman who dreamed and who dreams and who spins out the words and thinks of the worlds and this is the day she is in.


  1. Amen! I love this. I think this is what they mean when they talk about presence.

    My thought for the day, for every day: Be here now.

    Thank you for this. You are awesome.


  2. You talk of spring while we have not hit our stride in winter yet. Sigh. Spring will not come here until April and we could still have snow into May. Maybe not this year - we haven't had much snow yet. But spring is a dream too far away to consider.

  3. Just Be. This is it, incarnate. Wonderful!

  4. Gorgeous header!

    When you spoke of the waters and the earth I was thinking of the magical healing crystals that lie within. Knowing they are there somehow comforts me.

    Enjoy Being. That's what you are doing today. Thank you for this beautiful prose.

  5. Wonderful. Thank you for your telling of "the day you are in."

  6. A hint of spring already! How beautifully you give us your day.
    love d

  7. What poetry you have inside of you Mrs Moon, and you can actually set it free by writing on your blog, how clever is that??!... thank you so much for sharing and I hope your day was as good as it promised to be**

  8. This was lovely. I started reading it this morning with my coffee but felt like I couldn't give it the proper attention, actually, I was in a more practical mood, not willing to open myself up to this sort of poetic writing. So I closed the page (so rude of me). Shut you right down. But isn't it funny that for the first time in ages, just from reading that little bit you gave me, I felt all sorts of words and images and ideas swirl around, in such a way as I thought I'd lost. I've been trying to write 3 pages a day but nothing comes out anymore, nothing magical, just junky, boring diary stuff. Nothing like this. But today, just reading you letting your magic flow somehow gave me a hint or a taste, that maybe there is still some good stuff inside me. Maybe I just have no idea how to get to it anymore. I reject you and you open me up. How's that? Thank you.

  9. And this is the day that I was born--I like all the things that you wrote about the day. Thanks!

  10. This was simply beautiful...I can't imagine spring at the moment, we are facing -40 Celsius with the friggin wind chill, it's as bad as it sounds.

  11. Thank you for this prayer of praise.

    XXXXX Beth

  12. And this is the day of putting the words together in just the right way. Beautiful post. x0 N2


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