Wednesday, January 25, 2012

And Another Thing

If you want to research your family tree, chances are you can thank the Mormons for having all the records. Want to know why?

I read about this years ago and it creeped me the fuck out then.
Still does.


  1. Creeps me the fuck out too. What is with people?

  2. I am really into genealogy and had signed up to help add documents to the Mormon site until I found out why they want the information. It freaked me out so I haven't done it since, nor will I.

  3. I knew about this but really, it's stupid, insulting, but still just stupid. Baptizing the dead? Just how the fuck do you do that? You can't. Those dead people have not been converted or cleansed or whatever. Dead people are far beyond the games that humans play. How is it different than having someone tell you they will pray for you because they can't tolerate a different viewpoint? It's not. Pray away, I say. Won't affect me or change me. Just don't presume to pass laws that say I must believe as you do.

  4. Scary stuff, Ms Moon. It seems you're not safe from proselytizers even after death.

  5. Have you ever listened to Julia Sweeney's "Letting Go of God?" It's brilliant, and it starts with her mocking Mormons -- although she quickly brings nearly all religions/religion in in a very thoughtful, provocative way. I'm sure you'd love it.

  6. you know i have been for a year...and aside a lot of other things i was..researching my family....yeah...i know..and i have become quite a little pro in that...and all i can say about the mormones data is that: dont trust them..they are good to finde traces...but you have to proof them double since there are a lot mistakes in them...both in dates and names...

  7. Triple creepy. I watched a documentary on this subject a few years back and it wigged me out.

    The flip side of that coin is that every single Mormon someone I have ever known has been just darling. It's the strangest thing. Humans are funny.

  8. Over here in Seattle, there are billboards EVERYWHERE that have a picture of a person and underneath it says, "I'm A Mormon. The people are all races and genders and abled and dis----but I bet no homos (GRRRRR) .

    It fucks me up. I want the billboards to say, "I'm Gay".
    I can get behind that. Yes, I can.

  9. Mel- I have no idea.

    Birdie- It's so bizarre.

    ellen abbott- I know. It DOESN'T affect anything but it's still insulting and weird. I think.

    Elisabeth- I think they're wasting their breath but yeah. Ick.

    Danielle- I can only imagine.

    Chrissy- I grew up with some Mormon kids down the street and they were nice folks but still, there was an element of weirdness there that I got, even as a child. But yes- nice, nice people.

    beth coyote- They're NOT the most inclusive religion, are they? And they can put up all the billboards they want but it doesn't change that fact. And they are BIG believers in praying away the gay. Which has destroyed more than one life.


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