Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Brain Chatter

Thinking, thinking, thinking. Too much thinking but it's interesting to think and wonder and ponder and ruminate and I don't have time to really put any of it down here but here are a few of the things tossing around the constantly whirling machinery of my mind this morning:

Beautiful celebrities
Ugly celebrities (politicians)
Last Night's Guest Dream Musician
What Love Is
What Love Isn't
Why sex?

And finally:

Depression and Anxiety and why we neither really know what causes them nor best how to treat them.

My friend L7 sent me a link today and yes, I've linked to articles about this before but it just intrigues the very hell out of me.


All right. I'm off to town for Lily's midwife appointment. A good midwife, in my opinion and experience, is something of a Shaman.

Where did all the Shamans go?

More magic! Less bullshit. That may be my new motto.

More shall be revealed. Later, y'all.


  1. Fascinating - I didn't read the entire article - but enough. I'll have to get my kid to pass me some shrooms. They are probably onto something. I have always been over sensitive - taking in way too much information - and been overwhelmed by it (hello motion sickness and migraines). I've even considered that I might be a little autistic. (Now I want to go back to the article to see if it says anything about that).

  2. yah, I'm for that...more magic, less bullshit.

  3. Magic is just science that we haven't figured out yet. Or something like that.

  4. I saw something about how shock therapy is making a big comeback as a solution for depression. So, whenever I find myself getting real depressed I think of shock therapy and then realize I'm really not that depressed after all.

  5. Superb motto. Should be displayed
    on billboards, banners and bumper stickers!

  6. I shall steal that motto for my own, if you don't mind?

  7. Lots of things have gone. I don't k ow why but they have. Writing on paper is one of them.


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