Monday, January 23, 2012

No. That is NOT All

I would like to find the man who wrote this stupid dialogue and then stick these contacts in his eyes and tell him to "adjust."

Yeah. That would make me happy.

And then maybe I'd find the person who made these contacts, stick them in THEIR eyes and tell them to study this script. With them in. While adjusting.

Justice. (Or at least sweet revenge.)


  1. Let's ditch these contacts...

  2. Are you allowed take them out and put on your glasses for script studying purposes?

  3. Oh yeah, I tried contacts a couple times, and I have astigmatism too. There's no way I could do it again. How much longer do you have to wear them for them to be considered successful?

  4. I've got everything you've got. Contacts are for days when you only have to look good - not read.

  5. SJ- I did. For today at least. I'm tired of being half blind.

    Jo- You're allowed to do whatever you want but you're supposed to leave them in for everything while awake to "adjust." I'm not sure I have enough years left in my life to dedicate to that project.

    Lora- I think at this point it's a matter of how long do I have to wear them to prove them unsuccessful?

    Jeannie- Hell, I never LOOK good.

  6. contacts schmontacts..why bother? i like your glasses...and contacts can be hell...

    a relative of mine had contatcs..and in the middle of a ballet they startetb to itch and scratch..and she hadnt the little box with took them out..and held them in her mouth for the rest of the ballet to keep them from drying up...^^

  7. No desire to wear contacts. I will stick to the glasses when I need them.

  8. Life is too short -- ditch the contacts. You look good in glasses. My 2 cents. Joanne


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