Friday, January 6, 2012

Hip Hoppin' Back Into What We Call Real Life

Life just keep rolling along, doesn't it?
Here it is six thirty in the morning and I'm up and on my second cup of coffee because my mother had an injection in her eye the other day and it might have gone wonky.
Yeah, I know. Weird.
She has macular degeneration and the treatment is these eye injections and she's been getting them with good results for years but after the one she got day before yesterday, her eye swelled up and started ooking (yes, that's a word!) and so I'm taking her back in this morning at eight.

I know. I'm such a good daughter.


In other news-you-need, my iPhone (I almost wrote eye-Phone) came to me yesterday. Hey Freddy- if you're reading this- I need a tutorial! Come help out your old other-mom. No, not really. I'm figuring things out. Having a hard time getting on to my home internet, though. I keep tapping that stupid-doody-head passcode in it and it says I'm on but then I'm not. And of course, for some reason, getting cell phone reception in this 152 year old house is impossible. Which makes perfect sense to me. It's going to be a while before I can text reliably. I don't have tiny Barbie fingers. I know it can be done. I'm just not there yet.

Well, it's still dark as the inside of a demon's heart and Elvis wants out of the roost for some reason and Mr. Moon has already gone off to the gym and I need to eat something and get on the road to Tallahassee.

Here we go. Rolling along.

Yo, Dog. It's early. (See- I'm going to start being all gangsta and shit now that I have an iPhone. I have no idea why. Give me a break. I'm old.)

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Rolling along is fine Ms Moon... It can't always be Fair and fun... I loved your Mexico adventure... Even if we never got to know the thin one. Glad Owen was happy to see you, not long before the sibling now.
    And Hurraah for Mr Moon for being at the gym. I am tired reading about it already.
    You are not the only one without barbie fingers... I hate texting and do it only in utter desperation... If you get onto wifi in your house we now can facetime each other... The magic of techniques.

  2. It took me a while to use the "key board" with the iPhone. But I got the hang of it. My hands are the size of Mr. Moon's so it takes a bit of a knack. Anyway, enjoy the new toy. You can write seven unusual things about yourself if you want--see my last post.

  3. Hi. I found you from your comment on Denise's Divorceville...

    I am glad I stopped by. Your posts made me smile and after two hours sleep last night and a long day ahead, that's saying something. I am a little envious of all of you and how you all know how to work this technology stuff. Not only iphones, but these blogs, which I, as an old mom myself, am not even as remotely savvy about. But I am working on it. Liked your posts and photos, a lot.

  4. My mother-in-law has an iPhone and if she can figure it out, you totally can. I mean, she used to have a desktop computer, and she had to call us every time she wanted to use it. "Now how do I get on the internet?" "What is a browser?" "It's asking for my password, what do I put in?"

    Yeah, you're golden.

  5. They see you rollin'...they hatin'...

  6. You are a good daughter. I am not called on to take my mother to the doctor as I have a sister who was formerly a nurse who takes charge of that. However, I get to do the dentist runs.

  7. Welcome home! Turn your phone off and turn your wifi modem off then turn the modem on and turn the phone on umm but hold them next to each other. Phone should pick up wifi in your house.

  8. Happy Friday, congrats on the phone!
    Nice try with gangsta! ;-)

  9. I learned to text this year and as long as I have my glasses handy I can do it. I have problems with the camera on the phone for some reason so I rarely use it. I sadly do not have an iPhone...someday maybe...

    Hope your mom's eye resolves whatever reacted to it getting swollen.

  10. Photocat- Yes. Coming home is hard and weird but one finally starts to feel as if one knows where one is again. "One"? What's up with me? Let's face it- I'm still not back entirely.

    Syd- I will go there!

    Wrinkling Daily- ME TOO! Wrinkling daily that is. Thanks so much for coming by, for commenting. Please come back soon.

    Lora- There is always a learning curve. Thank god that Apple is so user-friendly.

    Magnum Yo- I totally hear that in my head. Ha! You crack me up. Always. Hey- where's my damn tequila?

    Jeannie- This is why I wish I had a sister.

    Radish King- I figured it out with online tips. I had to reset my wifi settings.

    Bethany- Thanks, baby! I love you.

    Lisa PR- YOU rock, Mama!

    Maggie May- Oh yes I am, girl!

    Ellen- All is well.

  11. I absolutely laughed out loud at this unexpected gangsta-ism at the end. But you know? Being gangsta is a state of mind and did you know? You were gangsta long before you got that phone! LOL! Anyone who drops as many f-bombs as you and goes looking for vermin in a closet is 100% gangsta if you ask me!

    And yes, you are a good daughter.

  12. Eye-phone... Hahaha. I like that. But you are not old!

  13. gradydoctor- It really impressed you that I went looking for vermin, didn't it? Believe me- if vermin really disturbed me, I could not live where I live. You're so precious.
    When we were in the airport in Atlanta, I heard old ladies calling each other "baby" and I thought- Ah! The Elders! I loved it.

    Angie M- It IS an eye-Phone!


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