Friday, January 20, 2012

Where You Need To Go Tonight

Click on the picture of our dear Kathleen.
Be amazed.


  1. I am amazed at her amazing grace.
    Makin' that pesto!

  2. Thanks for directions to this wonderful woman and her interview, Ms Moon. I can see why she means so much to you.

  3. Ahhh, the pieces fall together. This is the Kathleen that you went over to see and made soap with that time (a few months ago in your blog).

    What an amazing woman, what an amazing world you life in with all these beautiful people.

  4. I read every word. What a work of art and humanity and perfect loveliness. Her description of what might or might not happen after death was so profound, I want to print it out and read it over and over.

    Thanks for posting --

  5. we listen to the q occasionally on the radio-

    this is AWESOME. i now have yet another fantastic role model to inspire me- give her a hug from me please-


  6. Fabulous interview ~ Kathleen's wisdom is inspirational.


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