Monday, January 16, 2012

This Morning

The dogs must go to the groomer today- Ms. Beverly- bless her, bless her, bless her.
I want to take them and never pick them up.

When I got up this morning, I cleaned up five poops and three pees.

Ah, how I love the smell of Fabuloso and dog shit in the morning.

I try to imagine what my life would be like if I didn't do poop-yoga every morning, stretching, bending, retrieving, scrubbing, the sound of the waste basket going Sproing! when I pop it open. I wonder what my life would be like without these dogs.

And if you're looking for a "oh, they make my life so much richer!" sort of reply, go look somewhere else.

I'm sorry. It's Martin Luther King Day. I should be writing about him, not dog poop.

Forgive me. I shouldn't even mention that great man in the same post as dog poop.

Well, he was a man and if he ever had dogs, he would understand.

I am glad he lived. I am glad he had a dream. I am glad we were blessed with his presence on earth while he was here. I mourn his horrible death. I know his dream lives on and that the world is a far better place because of it but that his work is not done and it is up to the rest of us to continue it.

Dogs and their poop are just an annoyance. Prejudice and inequality under the law and cruelty based on skin color and human differences are wrong and a sin. I think that like so many things, it all boils down quite simply to love and respect and that as simple as that sounds, we have no idea what those two things really mean, most of us.
Some of us do.
Dr. King did.

He showed that. He told that. He was one of those people filled up with the god thing.

All right. That's what I have to say this morning.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. It would drive me batty to have to clean up dog pee and poo every day. I had to do it for my old old dog who couldn't hold it even if he could find his way to the door. Poor thing. But he's gone. Dex is very good. I have a tambourine at the door that he hits when he needs out - so I can hear.

    As for Martin Luther King Day - Things have come so far but are still not done after all this time. I never thought that race was so much of a problem here but it is still there - often subtle - but there. People are always afraid of "others".

  2. uh, have you ever considered making the dogs outside dogs? only let them in for short periods and make them sleep outside?

    as for MLK, he was a great man so they killed him. Equality is, apparently, scary for some people.

  3. It almost seems like the good guys were systematically killed off in those days.

  4. Jeannie- It HAS driven me batty. Obviously.
    No. We have far to go with race in this world. Sadly.

    Ellen Abbott- Yes. I have considered it. For some reason, it does not seem possible.
    Equality IS scary to many, I think. On many different levels.

    Rubye Jack- One after another...

  5. Abraham, Martin, and John--that song gave me the shivers when I was young. And it still makes me pause today. MLK was a great man who foresaw many things. Sad that so many still have hate and prejudice. Now the Bob Dylan song of Pity the Poor Immigrant comes to mind.

    As for the dogs, mine don't poop or pee in the house. It might be a little dog problem, I have no idea. I walk them before bed time and they are as good as gold. I am glad for that as cleaning up dog poop early in the morning is not fun.

  6. Gorgeous new photo!!!
    Bad dogs! But you put it in perspective.

  7. I think Dr. King was on the road too much to have dogs. But seeing as he and Coretta had a bunch of kids, I'm sure somebody was dealing with some poop, even if it wasn't the dog kind.

    And I'm saying. . .I would not expect anything less than the wisdom of Dr. King to be nestled right inside of a daily observation such as poop-yoga and trashcans going "sproing!" I love it. Every word of it.

    I love the new photo, too. You make me feel like I should remix my design from time to time but I'm too scared of effing the whole thing up and all of my old posts. Hmmm. I wonder if this is why there was segregation for so long. Folks afraid of remixing things for fear of upheaval?

    Hmmmm. . . .

  8. I don't understand why your dogs ever thought it was okay to poop and pee in the house so much. Hard to change their minds now--you could use a dog whisperer!

    I have two vivid memories of the day MLK was shot. One is of my roommate's black boyfriend coming over to our apartment in Hyde Park and grimly telling us to stay inside and keep the shades pulled down. Hyde Park was (is) a very liberal academic community adjacent to a black ghetto. As a teenager I worked in a makeshift school in that ghetto, teaching hungry little kids to read. They spent a lot of time snuggling and running their fingers through my hair, having never been near a white person before even though we lived only seven blocks away.

    My other memory was the sorrowful announcement Bobby Kennedy made. What a loss to America both these men were.

  9. I do believe you and I are the only women on the internet who aren't afraid to talk about our dislike of dogs. Or maybe not all dogs, or maybe so. :)

  10. Syd- Yep. That song still touches me, too. We don't change a whole lot, do we? We just change our focus to focus our hate and fear on other groups.
    And dogs? No. It is not the little dogs. It is the little dogs' owner!

    Denise- Glad you like the camellias. I stole them on my walk.

    gradydoctor- You're such a peach. I'm glad I didn't offend. I've been thinking a lot about how we want to sanctify people and then, when it turns out they weren't saints, we feel let down and that's such bullshit. The fact that these god-filled people ARE human is what makes it all so amazing.
    Poop and all.
    You won't mess up your blog is you change your design. I do it all the time.

    A- My brother actually wrote me his memory of when Dr. King was shot. A kid he knew told him that his daddy said that "he'd deserved it."The daddy was a minister. Now the son is too....
    Yeah. Well.

    Elizabeth- I know! We're so brave. It's okay to talk about vaginas but let's not discuss how much we wish our dogs would disappear.

  11. :( My comment disappeared. Or didn't post, or something.

    I am so happy I no longer have dogs. For many reasons. The obvious ones. No more shit, pee, or bad dog-mama guilt.

    I kind of miss the idea of having a dog, but I can live with that just fine.


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