Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cute Boys

What a nice afternoon!

And oh yeah- correction- it's a Model A, not a Model T.

I know the difference between T and A, but not not as applies to cars.

Here's Billy puzzling over a manual.

Here's Mr. Moon AND Billy, puzzling over a manual.

They got a lot of things done. I have no idea what. But they never did get that Model A started. There's some sort of electrical thing going on. Don't ask me. I know about tuna casserole, not car engines.

Speaking of tuna casserole, I made a fine one, even if it had whole grain pasta in it. And leftover salmon. Wasn't that the name of a band? Leftover Salmon? I think so. It was a good casserole. Lily and Shayla and I ate about half of it. With Crystal hot sauce.
Which makes up for the lack of Velveeta.
Sort of.

Waylon and Owen obviously arranged what they would be wearing today. They probably texted each other beforehand.

Dang. They're cute. Shayla's pretty cute too.

Here's how to get Owen off the tractor: Say, Owen, Waylon is going to come with me to check for eggs.
"I coming!" he'll say. And he'll hop off that tractor real fast. He doesn't want WAYLON checking for HIS eggs. Oh hell, no.

Here's Owen riding on his mama's back.

I think they were happy or something.

Here's Owen in the garden. Look at that straight back.

Marching in the garden to the beat of collard greens.

Those boys played in the house and outside. They climbed the tractor and pretended to drive it and they played with puzzles. They rode the horse. They ate snacks. Many, many snacks.

And read the paper.

It was a good afternoon. Until someone needed a nap. Not saying who but he was wearing overalls. With a red shirt. So his mama took him home.

Have I told you that Waylon either hates me or is scared to death of me? He is. Or he does. He looks at me with deep suspicion and if I try to kiss him, he runs away. I'm working on him, though. I told him today that he is not getting any hugs from me. Or kisses! NO WAY!

He sort of smiled when I told him that.
Probably from relief.

He loves Uncle Hank though. I showed him a picture of Uncle Hank and he kissed it. I told him that I was Uncle Hank's mama.
I don't think he belebed me.

Owen wasn't really full of hugs or kisses for his Mer today either. He gave 'em all to his mama.
That's okay. She deserves them.

Well, that was my Sunday afternoon. How was yours?


  1. Aw, I love them boys. But Waylon is freer with his hugs and kisses.

  2. Owen reminds me so much of my Henry when he was that age. The same big round head and face -- I swear to God. He's so gorgeous (so was Henry!). And I love seeing Owen and Waylon together as buds --

  3. Just think how good of buddies those two will be as time goes by. I can't believe how fast Owen has grown up. And what straight posture Owen has indeed!

    Seeing those two in overalls reminded me so much of Ryan who I wore overalls a lot. I loved to see what he would put in in little pockets or when he put a kid hammer in the loop on the side to "work with daddy".

  4. I knocked through the entire first season of Downton Abbey while I worked. And made mac and cheese. Oh! And pizza yesterday turned out great.

  5. Glad that Waylon loves Hank. That is cool. Today was Pop's birthday so we had the caregivers, Mom and Pop over for lunch. It went well.

  6. Now I'm craving mac and cheese with hot sauce.
    What perfect posture Owen has, and really, he just looks so much older with each passing day. Amazing!

  7. Snow and snow and dancing and snow!

  8. I love this post. Those boys are way too cute. I love you too.

  9. Elizabeth- Beautiful boys. Our beautiful, beautiful boys. Way and Owen get real excited to see each other and then they ignore each other when they're actually together. This will change.

    Ellen- Overalls are cute on all of us at any age. That is my theory, anyway. And I love the pockets, too. I can put four eggs in my overall pockets. Can't do that with skinny jeans.

    SJ- Yay! Sounds perfect! Glad the pizza turned out well. I do love pizza. As you know.

    Syd- It's funny. Waylon always has loved Hank. He crawls all over him and gives him smoochies. Glad your lunch went so well.

    Rubye Jack- We eat hot sauce on almost everything. Especially noodley things. Isn't Owen growing up? He knocks me out.

    Beth- Well. That is hard to beat. I am so glad you are dancing. I should do that in my own hallway and just get down and not worry and have fun. It would do me SO much good.

    honeyluna- Oh girl. We miss you TOO MUCH! Look at your boys growing up! And aren't Billy and Daddy cute, too? Yes. They are. Love you to pieces. Your mama.

  10. re your comment about moving a trailer on the property for daughter and fam. My daughter and her family lived next door to us for 10 years until we moved. the oldest was 2 when they moved in. I have loved it. Each of us having our own house, as would be the case with you, makes the difference. and think about those family compounds in Cozumel...a common yard with everyone having their own place/space.

  11. I still think it was that deviled ham sandwich Way and I shared that cemented our friendship.


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