Thursday, October 29, 2020

Then I Watch 'Em Roll Way Out Again

If any of you have ever been to this area of Florida, you get the "Tates Helles" reference. If you don't and are interested, just google Tate's Hell and see what you find. 

This is such a gentle, laid-back vacation. The boys of course necessarily inform our days and evenings as much as the weather does. And they have been mostly sweet even if the weather was wild and it seems that the weather too is beginning to calm down. As Mr. Moon says, "Tomorrow maybe the seas will lay down."

We went to Apalachicola today just to drive around and stop at the Big Pig which I have now declared as the most depressing grocery store in the world. If I lived in Apalach, I'd drive to the Little Pig to shop. I swear. But who cares? We're at the beach. 

Absolutely unlimited amounts of dirt to move and shape and mold and build with. An ocean full of water to haul to mix with the sand to create dream castles. 

I'm making Slothy a blanket. 

Slothy is August's stuffed sloth whom he sleeps with. Last night he told me, "Slothy brings me comfort."

Two days ago he said, "Boppy lets us watch TV. Mer wipes butts."

I feel so incredibly lucky. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I believe you should tuck in a little note: Mer wipes butts and makes blankets.

  2. I remember reading about the Tate's Hell legend years ago but had forgotten much of it. Thanks for the reminder to refresh my memory. Quite a tale...Don't fuck with the medicine man!
    The littl blanket is beautiful. Love the colors!
    I agree the Big Pig is depressing. I look at it as a necessary evil. The little Pig has come quite a ways in what they carry. Was shocked last time we were there to find organic chicken thighs! It's a shame they can't have a Publix.
    I just looked at the live cam at the Blue Parrot and see a gorgeous almost full moon rising. So jealous. But glad you are there to enjoy it.
    Angie D

  3. "Mer wipes butt"! Sez it all really doesn't it! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  4. Ha-ha-ha! August's quotes belong in a book of wise sayings. Should you ever die which is highly unlikely I know, they should put "Mer Wiped Butts" on your gravestone. I hope that the weather is good today.

  5. Ha! That's an awesome quote from August. Nice slothy blanket! Glad you're enjoying your break.

  6. sitting between the dunes for a windbreak? it's cold here.

  7. What a nice vacation! You will all have such terrific memories!

  8. baby boomers are already getting treated like crap in retirement homes. A couple months ago there was a video of a black guy punching a 75 year old boomer repeatedly in the face in a retirement home. Hey, maybe you boomers shouldn't have favored blacks and minorities over your own white children with your political correctness, multiculturalism bullshit? You boomers are getting exactly what you fucking deserve. Enjoy those retirement homes, boomer scum!

  9. Oh I love August's quote! Us Moms and Grandmas will go down in history I'm sure as the ones that wiped butts!

    Enjoy that wonderful vacation and wonderful family!

  10. The sky looks cold but there y'all are bare legged and playing in the sand! It is freezing up here already! You are having such a well deserved beautiful little holiday, thank you for the warm photos and the sea!!

  11. I'm loving your vacation posts and August's quote is just wonderful. Enjoy the weekend.


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