Friday, October 9, 2020

 These are oatmeal, raisin, chocolate chip, pecan cookies that I made before the boys came. That is what grandmothers do- they make cookies. 

I've done some other things today too, like scrub out the tub which hasn't been used in yonks so that it would be nice and clean for the little boy butts. The rubber ducks and octopi are waiting on the window sill be played with and I am sure they will be overjoyed to have a soapy swim with the fellas. 

So. I cannot believe how many of you do come back and read my replies to comments. Thank you! And ironically, today I am probably not going to be able to answer them because of our company. Right now they are doing this. 

I made them all popcorn and they are watching something on the TV with their Boppy. Actually, they've now finished the popcorn and are out collecting eggs together. They seem to be so happy to be here. Jessie told them last night that we'd asked them to stay tonight and August immediately ran to his room shouting, "I have to pack!" This morning Jessie wrote me that she is never going to tell them again that they're coming over here until ten minutes before it's time to leave because they were just so excited that they were driving her crazy. August got up early and Levon kept asking if it was time yet. 
When they got here I asked Levon if he was going to sleep with us tonight. He pointed his finger at me and said, "Just you!" 
Hmmm... We shall see. He may well end up sleeping beside me in our bed and that will be okay if he doesn't kick and crowd too much. As I told Jessie before she left, after all these years I still sometimes wake up and check to see where the baby is. I slept with my own young'uns for so long that I'll probably always do that. Sometimes I feel Jack by my hip at night and my first thought is to wonder why the baby is that far down in the bed. A tiny panic before I realize it's the cat, not a child. I give him a little pat and fall back to sleep. 

I have carrots and onions and celery and green beans simmering in chicken broth, the cooked chicken cooling on a plate and in just a little while, I'll make dumplings to go in the pot. They do like good food, those boys, and are not very picky. I'm grateful for that although it is always fun to use the grandchildren as an excuse to eat things like Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. And hotdogs. Maybe next time. 

It is absolutely a dream to be able to hug and kiss these kids again. THAT, at least, feels right and normal in these times of such tremulous uncertainty. 

I see the men are coming back in with the eggs. I better end this now and go see how many they found. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. What a sweet and happy night. I guess we'll see tomorrow if Levon sticks it. He looks a little iffy.

  2. Hope you all have a sweet time...

  3. How wonderful for you. Have a great night with your grandbabies.

  4. I am so glad you have these little ones. It looks delightful and dreamy.

  5. Easy to see the joy in Mr Moon's face--surrounded by those two wee bairns. And hear it in your words. Enjoy!

  6. a little bit of lovely normalcy. old normalcy, not the new normalcy.

  7. That's a cute story about thinking Jack is a baby! He probably weighs about that much!

    1. Hell, Jack weighs almost as much as Levon. He's become a portly gent.

  8. That photo of Boppy and the boys is one they will cherish someday.


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