Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Beach Report

 This is what the ocean and sky looked like yesterday morning. A little scary. But as the day progressed the sky lightened up but the ocean continued to be crashy and bashy and it's even more so today although it's bright and sunny. What we're sort of dealing with is this. 

And although it's almost certain that we're not going to get the brunt of the hurricane, we will be getting some of its rain and wind and uh, possible storm surge. In the completely-understandable-to-meterologists but absolutely-mystical-and-magical-to-me way of these things, the full moon on Saturday is going to add to the power of the water and pull that roiling, rushing sheet of it up to cover a lot more land than it even normally would and that will probably include the land right here under this house.
That was a tortured paragraph. 
But we're thinking that we're going to stay although we're watching things closely and I assume that if the realty company thinks we'll be in danger they'll let us know. 
One hopes.
Frankly I hope we don't have to leave now because we have too much food here to haul home in the three vehicles we have. I'm not even kidding. 
And yes, we are having a wonderful time. 
Ten minutes after Jessie got here this was happening. 

This child is obsessed. We were talking about earrings yesterday and I asked the boys if they were going to get earrings when they got big like Owen. They said yes, they were and Levon said he was going to get track-hoe earrings. Pink track-hoe earrings. Or maybe pink dump truck earrings. 
Okay. More pictures. 

We are having such feasts. 
The boys are keeping us highly amused. 

Yes. I do realize that the one on the bike is not wearing a helmet while the artist is. Things change fast around here and I'm not just talking about the weather. That's an entire village that August has drawn. There are houses for him, Levon, Boppy, Mer, Mama, and Daddy. 

They say the funniest things. They get wild at bedtime. Last night I asked if anyone wanted to brush my hair. August, perched on the back of the couch, said, "Definitely not me." 
But then, in a little while, he got my hairbrush and brushed my hair so sweetly. I was astounded. And delighted.

I took a halfway decent walk yesterday although it wasn't easy. The wind was blowing like hell and the sand was soft but it was beautiful. I love walking past the houses and choosing the ones I'd live in and ones I'd DEFINITELY NOT! 

I think this would be a fine house to live in. But truthfully, I'd probably be just as happy if not more so, living in this one. 

To be honest, if anyone gave me ANY beach house I'd gladly live in it. 

Here's what the ocean looks like right now. 

The water really doesn't look that dark. Just a function of light and shadow...

It's so nice to be here. I wish the whole family could be with us. One of these days, I swear. One of these days. 

I'm mostly aware of what's going on in the world but it's like watching the goings-on from another planet and for right this second, that is fine with me. There is plenty enough going on right here to keep me happy. 

I hope all is well with y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. What a great post, lovely action pix, weather, food, what more can there be. I had forgotten about those houses on stilts, though we saw them on the Outer Banks. New Jersey shore houses are more often ground level bungalows, and they're not on the actual beach, public property.

    I like the idea that a surge is more likely to swirl under the house, not in the living room.

  2. Your photos are beautiful and full of loving goodness. I’m so glad the crazy world feels at a remove. Enjoy that gorgeous salty place and those gorgeous salty children. Hugs.

  3. I do not realize how little Levon is - the photo of him being held by Mama is so wonderful, puts his age into perspective, makes me ache to hold a wee one.
    Your holiday looks thrilling! I love the moody sky and sea, not an everyday experience at the beach. Beautiful shots. The houses are lovely , looking vulnerable but lovely. Havea wonderful time no matter what it will be I am sure of it.

  4. Nothing - absolutely nothing - cuter than a naked baby playing in the water.

  5. Lovely photos and it looks like a wonderful time is being had by all.

    I miss the beach. Sigh

  6. even if you baby boomers don't die from covid19, you're still going to end up in retirement homes getting treated like crap. Maybe you boomers shouldn't have outsourced all the jobs and imported tens of millions of cheap immigrants to replace your children's generation in the economy? Those same immigrants will be the ones working in the retirement homes, and they are NOT going to treat you very well. This is your karma for destroying your country and your children's future. You boomers get what you fucking deserve.

  7. This post, Mary, the pictures! I wish a hurricane wasn't threatening, because it all looks so perfect.

  8. how fine, all of it. but I tell you what, if I lived in Louisiana I'd be moving.

  9. Oh your pictures are just glorious. But track-hoe earrings????

  10. This post brought tears to my eyes. Your family is so beautiful. I can imagine the love and happiness in that beach house right now and it's the most wonderful thing in the world. Soak up every single second of it, dear Mary.

  11. What a wonderful time. And think, no grass to mow!

  12. Thanks for the update. From reading your blogposts during these troubled times, it was clear to see that you needed a rejuvenating break like this. Just what the doctor ordered. I liked the picture of shells - beautiful -like a carefully constructed mosaic.

  13. What beautiful pictures...looks like such fun.

  14. Oh that brooding, moody sky and ocean are just breathtaking! I love a day like that at the beach. Thank you, all your photos are soul food. Those lemons-Whoa!
    Angie D

  15. I love the ocean when it looks like molten metal.

    I also love it when it's blue.


    Okay. I love the ocean.

  16. Despite the hurricane, it's a really GOOD time to be on vacation with your family! That is quite a sky in that first picture, but Florida skies often look dramatic and threatening and then it just rains. Right?

    Pink dump truck earrings! I love it! Maybe he will become a jewelry impresario -- jewelry for the working man?!

  17. Great photos.

    The boys have the right, play, play. And then play some more. Leave the world outside your door for now. Enjoy!


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