Thursday, December 21, 2017

Pictures And Stuff

The Bradford pears have finally let go of their leaves and my backyard is a Turkish carpet of glory color now.

These trees were here when we moved in and Mr. Moon curses them for being useless and he is right except for these few weeks in fall. And they do make a pretty bloom in spring. Still, it would have been better to plant olive trees or citrus or fruiting pears, perhaps some of the gritty sand pears which I love to bake with. 
The Bradford pears are certainly not of native origin here and once thought to be sterile, it is now becoming apparent that they are not and birds spread their seeds and the resulting sprouting trees in the woods can choke out natives. 
Cut them down and put in a pool, is what I say! Perhaps bordered by the state tree, which is the Sabal Palm. And a few pear trees. And olive trees. Or citrus. Or Pink Perfections. 
Or all of them. 
I do tend to overplant. 
Meanwhile, here they are and they are beautiful right this second.

The sky cleared today and the winter Solstice looked and felt and smelled far more like spring than winter. I am barefoot and wearing short sleeves and the sky became as blue as a dream lover's eyes. 
(How many ways can blue be described?)

My Seafoam Camellia is blooming. 

Isn't that just a splendid blossom?

I finished Maggie's dress. 

It is not splendid but it is soft. When I was trimming the seam which held sleeve to bodice, I cut the sleeve and didn't even realize it until I was turning it right side out. 
I had to rip the stitches of it and remove it and cut out and attach a new one. 
God bless the inventor of the seam ripper. 

I pretended today that it is not four days before Christmas and did not one thing to get ready. Tomorrow I am going back to Costco but Lily is going with me to give me direction and to keep me from falling apart in the aisles. 
I may pre-medicate. 
I need to go a few other places as well. 

On this day a year ago, I was finishing up my final packing for Cozumel. I went back and looked at my blog post from then and had a little weep. 

Ay yi. 

I also realized that my beets looked better last year at this point than they do now. 

I better go make supper. 

But first- my political statement of the day. I received this from Lulumarie last night. 

There is little else to say. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. That dress is s cute! Does Magnolia like wearing dresses? My daughter went through a phase when she wore a dress and wouldn’t wear anything else.

  2. Fuck, said Barbara too. That dress is adorable, sweet fabric. Much love.

  3. So much sweetness all around. I consistently come here and feel better about everyone and everything, Mary, and I thank you for that.

  4. I wrote a comment and poof, it’s gone. It was a brilliant comment I’m sure. Something along the lines of beautiful pears and tiny dresses and every little think you write about, even our current reality. Maybe should have started at the end and read up! Joanne

  5. Love the little dress and the flower...thank you...

  6. I'm going to dub those first pictures as yard porn. I can't ever see too many of those. And the pictures you paint with your words are another thing of beauty. I can just imagine Lily chaperoning you through Costco.

  7. yes, fuck, nothing else to say. as I've said before, christmas is a non event here. been in the 70s and springlike here all week too. supposed to dip below freezing Monday night though. plants in, plants out, plants in, plants out. guess they'll be in for the duration this next time. and I love Maggie's dress! I would wear that dress. I love the fabric.

  8. May I borrow what lulumarie sent you? It's absolutely on point. And that dress you made for Maggie is darling. Love in every stitch as my mother used to say when she crocheted things for her grandchildren (and before that for me). Love you, woman.

  9. Ha! I love LuluMarie's contribution. I didn't know Bradford pears reproduced, though they DO have flowers, so I guess that shouldn't be completely surprising. I love your description of their leaves as a Turkish carpet -- so true!


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