Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A Day Of Pieces And Peace, Too

Well, the Christmas tree is back to being just a potted plant and all of the decorations and wrapping accoutrement have been taken back upstairs where they live. This took approximately half an hour.
I have found two books that I'd thought I'd gotten for August and Maggie but didn't find until just now and I wish like hell I could find the two calendars that I know I bought.
I would blame this kind of thing on getting older but I know that I do this almost every Christmas and always have. I stash things away and then either forget I've bought them or forget where I've stashed them.
It never really matters but dammit, I paid good money for those calendars and I want them!

I tackled the dang possibly-castor-bean plants today and now I can barely walk.

As I texted to Lily and Jessie, "I dug up a million. Only a million left to go!"
Which is about the truth. 
Lis says they are castor bean plants but I have been told by others that they are not. I do not know but I do know that this year they got entirely out of control and I also know that when I pull them, they sprinkle the air with some sort of dust-like substance that gets in my nose and my mouth and it's probably toxic. Who knows? Not me. But if I die, you'll know why. 
They are not that hard to dig up. A few good well-aimed thrusts of the shovel and I can easily pull them but when you've done that a million times, it gets tiring. Plus, I know I am leaving plenty of roots which will produce more but as god is my witness, I am going to pull them each and every one when they are babies from here on out. I do admire their giant lovely leaves but come on! This is just too much. 

So yeah. I'm tired. 
So what? We are put here to work until we are tired and then to go to bed. 
I guess. That's my philosophy, anyway. 

Lily sent me some pictures from yesterday that I cannot not post. So. Christmas, Part II. Or III if you count the Christmas Eve post. 

This makes me swoon. Look how tenderly Gibson is holding his little cousin. Look how he's loving him.

Gibson and the Pringles!!!
I told you he was happy.

And here are Owen and Maggie at the buffet table at their other grandmother's house.

Lily said that Magnolia did the sensible thing and just pulled up a chair to the table. 
That girl is smart. 

And I suppose that's all I really need to talk about tonight. I had no real poetic or deep or profound thoughts today. I made no deep or cosmic connections. I did laundry, I put it away. I De-Christmatized my house. I swept floors. I cleaned a mantel. I pulled up plants. 
But honestly, it was a good day in that I got things done that I wanted to get done and also, I hung these on the wall above my bed where I keep my totem treasures and pictures. 

This is what May made me for Christmas. A teeny cashmere sweater with a heart and a rose. That heart isn't as big as a penny. Look at those stitches. May is an unbelievable artist in so many ways. Her writing, her painting, her textile arts. She has made me dolls that are absolute works of art. She made me a book years ago that would be the first thing I'd grab if there was a fire. It is that precious to me. 
And now the little sweater is part of the wall-altar, because that is what it is, of the last things I see before I go to sleep and the first things I see when I wake up and which I know are there in the darkest nights. They calm me, they soothe me. They remind me that I am loved and the mother of amazing children. They watch over me as I dream. 

I just went to shut the chickens up and the moon is one half of a silver cake and she, too, will watch over us all tonight. I promise.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. A day very well lived. Your calming altar and how it makes you feel made sense and gave me a little bit of calm as I read about it.

    1. I'm glad, Jill. Thank you for always being here.

  2. That is absolutely, utterly beautiful.

    If May had an Etsy store, I would buy one...

    YOur pyjamad grandbabies are heart stealers.

    1. May should have art gallery openings. I swear.
      My grandchildren seem to love pajamas. Maybe I should get some.

  3. Does someone make Owen and Gibson’s Christmas pyjamas? It seems whenever you post pictures of them in pyjamas they are Christmas themed.

    Are the rooosters still alive?

    1. No. Not home made PJ's. They get new pajamas for Christmas every year and their mama gets the holiday ones.
      The roosters are still very much alive.

  4. The sweater? To die for. Gibson with Levon? Priceless. I love coming here! I love you!

  5. Dear mary-Just back from the annual sing-along Messiah that was ever so glorious and now listening to Neville...

    Just had to check in with the Moon family and all assorted young'ins.

    Bless you all. May the year ahead be full of love and joy.

    XXX Beth

  6. That photo of Gibson holding little Levon is precious. As is the sweater your gifted daughter made for you.

    I just love your family...love them. Can you please adopt me? :)

  7. Oh! You know I'm in love with that little sweater May made. And the painting she gave Hank! Yes, she's very talented. These pics are priceless. Gibson holding his baby cousin...Maggie at the table! Such precious moments. XXOO

  8. sweet little sweater. it's far too cold here for doing anything outside, 40s to 50s and will be that way for the next 10 days they say. ugh.

  9. I am so glad the season was relatively stress free this year for us both. I think it helps to just give in sometimes. that's kind of what i did. that sweater may made you is just darling. i love the symbolism of keeping your warm with her love. and gibson holding his baby cousin--be still my heart!

  10. That is a beautiful little sweater. Lovely idea.

    So I just went up to the window and had a look at that moon. Yep, there she is.

  11. Gibson is so funny, how he's so excited about those Pringles. That IS a cute picture of him with Levon. And May did a great job with the sweater!

    My dad used to call those "chicken plants," if I remember right. I have no idea what they're really called, but if they're poisonous it's news to me. (By the way, do not Google "chicken plant," because then you get pictures of chicken FACTORIES -- and believe me, you don't want to see those.)


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