Sunday, December 31, 2017

Here We Are And Tomorrow Here We Shall Also Be

Maurice in the garden. 

So. New Year's Eve.
Where that once meant going out and listening to music and dancing and partying and wearing black and eye-shadow as glittery as a mermaid's tail, it now means that tomorrow I will be cooking black-eyed peas.
And that is that.
Mr. Moon is undergoing treatment for Lyme disease and cannot drink any alcohol whatsoever with the medications he is on so he will be as sane and sober as anyone could be tonight. I did make him chocolate chip cookies and that will be his indulgence.
He's been taking these meds for about a month and a half now and will continue on them for about that same amount of time. I don't know if you remember but two years ago he went through almost a year's worth of testing for every sort of illness known to mankind which could explain the neuro-muscular symptoms he was experiencing and nothing came up positive. His neurologist was admittedly baffled. In the two years since, he has gotten worse. The muscles in his legs have weakened and walking has become more difficult.
And then he spoke with a woman he met in Georgia who'd gone to a doctor there who'd treated her for Lyme disease and the woman has gone from being almost crippled to fine. So Mr. Moon made an appointment with this doctor and when she met with him, she said that she was going to treat him for Lyme because nothing else had come up and he'd been exposed so many, many times.
And he is noticing some improvement. It is a process. Nerves regenerate very, very slowly. But. Any improvement is so encouraging.
And if I wish for anything this year on a personal level, it is that my husband does get better. He hasn't given up any damn thing at all. He has continued to work and to hike through the woods and to build things and to fix things and to hunt and to fish and to go to the gym but it has been getting harder, although he never says much about it. He just pushes on.
He is the strongest man I know.

I've always suspected that some tick-borne illness might be the cause of his problems because it fit so many profiles although Lyme, especially, can present in so many different ways. It is a wily and horrible bacteria and I don't think that "modern medicine" has caught up with it yet, but it would make sense that a doctor in a very rural area in Georgia sees a great deal of it and has experience with diagnosing and treating it. Ten years ago you'd have a hard time finding a doctor in this area who even admitted that it existed this far south. At least that much has changed.

Anyway, that's a long story to explain why Mr. Moon is not having a celebratory drink tonight. I'm going to cook some shrimp we bought at the coast on Friday when we went down to see the sea creatures. First we ate some delicious, tasty, fried sea creatures, then we saw and touched some sea creatures, then we bought some sea creatures and tonight we will eat those.
Bless the sea creatures.

And bless us all, we whose ancestors made their way from the salty womb of the ocean trillions of years ago (that's just an estimate on my part) and slowly and inexorably changing, cell by cell at a time to become the crazy creatures we are today who make calendars and call one day the end of one year and the next day, the beginning of another.
Of course, I believe that aliens were involved but that's another story.
Still, the sea calls us and our blood is salty and before we are born we float in a sort of personal sea within our mothers and when we cry, we release tiny drops of ocean from our eyes. All of this gives me comfort when I think about the horrible things going on in the world today. We, as a species, are so fleeting in the great span of time and I can't help but hope that if we do indeed make our planet completely inhospitable to humans, eventually the oceans will recover enough so that perhaps some different sort of creature will will belly itself through the sand and find a way to breathe whatever is left on earth to breathe and there you go- Bob's your uncle- and life on this planet will continue even if it's a sort of life we would not begin to recognize.

Talk about your new beginnings!
Well, Happy New Beginnings to you and to yours.
And peace, and love. All that hippie shit which I actually mean with my whole hippie heart.

I've posted this before but I'm posting it again. I do believe that this was the first world-wide broadcast via satellite. Can you imagine something like this happening now?

Well. As dear John said, "Imagine."
And as he and Yoko said, "War is over if you want it."

Sounds simple, right?
Simple has never meant easy.

We persevere. We carry on.

Much love...Ms. Moon


  1. Perhaps, in the end, 2017 will be the year true healing began. Happy new year Moons. My man won’t be drinking either, also due to meds. But like Mr. Moon he is healing.

  2. My hubby is a tea-totaler this year, too. He's on antibiotics following an ulnar nerve surgery. But we celebrated with a supper of shrimp cocktail, wedge salad, crab cakes, twice baked potatoes and Parker House rolls. I had strawberry shortcake for dessert, but that'll have to wait until we're not so full. Hubby calls this night Amateur Night, so we stay home, watch movies, and usually don't make it to midnight. Happy Year to you, Mr. Moon, and all those young 'uns!

  3. It's 10pm here, we'll be in bed in 30 minutes. We're so lame! I do hope Mr. Moon will recover from what ever it is that he has. Thank you for the update, I have been wondering what was going on with his legs. It never occurred to me that it might be Lyme. Have a happy new year, and thank you for writing.

  4. Oh my goodness - I have to admit I'd forgotten about Mr Moon's Mystery Illness! This does indeed make sense, I hope it continues to help. Happy New Year, Mary xx

  5. the problem with war being over if you want it is that some people don't want it to be over. sorry to hear about Mr. Moon and I hope he recovers completely. well, we survived the night and when I crawled out of bed to let the dogs out into the little backyard to do their business the sun was coming up and the sky was clear. whenI actually got up it was overcast again, just like that. well, they say an overcast sky keeps the heat in. Ha! what little there is. so here's to a better year than the last.

  6. Great news about Glen's diagnosis and treatment! Wishing you guys a Happy Happy Joyous New Year.XXOO

  7. I'm so glad Mr. Moon seems to be improving with the Lyme treatment. It IS a wily disease. I knew people in New York who'd had it and it did not always conform to an easily defined list of symptoms.

    Barring anything nuclear, I think you're right about life on Earth -- even if we continue to make a mess of the planet, something will continue after us. That's not to say we shouldn't try NOT to make a mess of the planet, however!

  8. Happy new year to you, cats and planet included.
    I hope Mr Moon will continue to feel better every day. it is such a shitty disease but he will recover.


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