Sunday, December 3, 2017

Let's All Hold Hands And Sing Kumbaya

This is one of my camellias which is blooming. Hope you like camellias because you're going to be seeing a lot of them in the next few months if you're a regular visitor. I believe that camellias are my favorite flower with the possible exception of zinnias but in a way, that's like trying to compare oranges and apples or babies and kittens or children and grandchildren or Beatles and Rolling Stones. Zinnias are cheerful and colorful and shout with unabashed hot summer colorful glory while camellias are quiet and works of Japanese and Chinese living art, and their coloration is usually more subtle. This one (what? do you think I'd know its name?) is the palest baby pink with sweet ruffly edges you see there.

I'm just damn grateful to live in a world where both zinnias and camellias exist.

We've had a quiet day here, Mr. Moon and I, once the hunting and TV fixing had been accomplished. I worked on my duvet cover and in fact, finished it, and I wouldn't show those buttonholes to a fish. They look like hell. But. They get the job done and the cover is in the wash now and I can tuck the comforter in it and put that on the bed that Jessie and Levon will be sleeping on. While I embarrassed the very threat and needle I was working with, I watched a few episodes of some BBC mystery series which is really pretty bad. "Death in the Caribbean." It's formulaic to the nth degree ("I smell almonds! She's been poisoned with cyanide!") and the acting isn't great and the nerdy white guy solves the mysteries with his incredible mind but it was just about right for watching while trying to do needlework as it didn't require a lot of attention. Also, the main female character is about the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life and that never hurts.

I found this today.

That was my silver baby rattle, given to me, I am sure, by someone on my father's side of the family as they had all the money. My brother Russell repaired it when he was a jeweler and I think I'll give it to little Levon. Why not? He can rattle and gnaw on it to his heart's content as obviously, it's been rattled and gnawed on before. 

I'd go out and gaze in wonder at the beautiful full moon but it's so cloudy here that I can't locate it in the sky. A lot of things are like that, it would seem to me- you know that something of wonder, amazing and light-filled is right in front of you but there are just so many obscuring obstacles in front of it that you can't actually see it with your eyes. 
You just have to trust that it really is there. 

Okay. I'm not in the mood to torture any metaphors and in fact, am not in the mood to torture anything so I will now go and gently reheat meatloaf and lovingly pat potato cakes made with leftover mashed potatoes and tenderly slice avocados and tomatoes for a little salad. 
Whoa. I think I'm feeling mellow. 

Tender, gentle, mellow love...Ms. Moon


  1. I watched all that show, and there are a lot of episodes. She is incredibly beautiful. AS is the house where the imported detective lives - well, the surroundings. I dream of living in that house.

  2. looking forward to a zillion camellia photos! My Mom used to grow them and when I was a child, I didn't appreciate their beauty. I always thought (as a child) that ALL flowers should have a scent. Now, I know better and love them for their sheer perfection and delicacy. The silver rattle is gorgeous....a part of you that you pass on to your lovely grandchildren....and they, theirs. Makes me tear up just thinking about the love
    Susan M

  3. As long as you know it's a camellia that's all that matters. I'm sure the googles or somebody could figure out the cultivar from there.

    Do you have one of those magical button hole feeties? Kind of makes button hole sewing easy and fun. Did you just whip stitch it by hand? If so, girl, you're way more patient than i am (and i can handle quite a bit of tedium).

    Ate potato pancakes for a few days last week with a bunch of Turkey Day mashers my gram was gonna throw away. Love em. Love you. Glad you had a mellow day! Also, our clouds cleared up after a dreary one. Was afraid i'd miss the Super Moon, but it looks like a regular full moon to me. (Which is always cool, don't get me wrong, but you're not missing out on anything.) XXO

  4. I get a little weepy when I see camellias. You see, my mum loved them, and after she died (35 years ago now) my camellias were looking perfect, so I laid a little spray of them on her coffin.

  5. I love that you share your divine camellias so much... My peonies have that same loveliness for me
    I also sew our duvet covers because they are so expensive otherwise and you can always find flat sheets second hand, abundant and new, usually. It would be very tragic if I tried button holes, so I don't- I make ties, escaping the whole sad situation! It's closer to 1AM than midnight by now and the moon has been playing peekaboo. There is just enough snow to reflect the light allover the place out there... goodnight hugs from Vermont

  6. my dad grew camellias. the few times I tried they died. maybe I'll try again as I do love them. it was overcast and rainy here all day yesterday but I went out a little after 7 and it was about 20˚ high and had just risen above the clouds and it was so gib and bright. later in the night I woke up and looked out the window and it was so bright out there, almost like twilight. reminded me of my river days in Big Bend when the full moon was so bright you didn't need a flashlight at night.

  7. Mellow is good! I think I remember you writing about your rattle before. Or am I making that up? In any case, it would be a TERRIFIC gift for Levon -- one he will treasure his whole life, probably.

    Our camellias never look as good as yours.


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