Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Magic Stuff

Talk about your red and green- that's what my beets in the garden looked like when I went out and picked awhile ago. The red stems and veins were luminous in the going-down sun. They practically gave off their own light. They are not ready to pick but they are certainly ready to admire.

I'm ready. I'm so ready that I've pretty much been wandering around the house for hours wondering what I should be doing. I've written out the chicken/cat/house care instructions and asked the post master to hold our mail and I've done many loads of laundry and I've packed everything I can pack at this point and I've polished my silver and cleaned the hen house and filled up the feeder and waterer and watered the porch plants and gone through my purse and got my traveling outfit ready and made sure that Hank can pick us up where we'll be leaving our car to take us to the airport at 4:45 a.m. (having a child who doesn't sleep until the sun comes up is a bonus sometimes) and gotten two new books downloaded from Amazon Kindle although I can't find my Kindle but they're on my iPad.

This is what the setting sun looked like a few minutes ago over the trees.

Only in reality, it was much pinker. Like a big, giant, pink radiant bridge stretched from North to South. 

Today is the solstice and there is probably magic in that if we just pay attention. 
Here, wherever you are, wherever any of us are right now or will be tomorrow. There is generally magic even if it's not the solstice. I am wondering if the Yucatan magic will still be there for me. I hope so because for thirty years that magic has been strong and has helped to form and shape who I am as a person and as a wife and as a woman. It has helped me to cross the bridge from young mother and wife to older mother and wife to crone and wife and grandmother. 
I have never come home without being somehow a better person. 

May it be so again and may I learn (once again!) to slow down, to just be, to be more fully present and cognizant of any and all magic that may drift my way across the water from the ruins of Tulum, across the island from the ruins of the temple of Ixchel, across the table from my husband, across the distance between my eyes and the eyes of the people I meet. 

Buenos noches y te quiero...Ms. Moon 


  1. there WILL be magic, and joy and relaxation.......and all the things you dream about during the year (culminating in this Cozumel adventure). May your cup fill to overflowing, drink it all in, Dear Mary
    Much love
    Susan M

  2. Bon voyage from one Crone to another. Sending any Solstice magic that is with me at this side of the pond. For you to take to Mexico for you and all of us. There is magic in the night. Love from me. Have a wonderful time in your special place. Hasta Luago Maggi xxx

  3. Safe travels dear Mary. See you in Cozumel! Big hugs.

  4. Some of the sweetest moments in my life were after I got on a plane and got the hell outta Dodge! I hope this is true for you, Maria Luna, you beautiful senora-don't do anything I wouldn't do in Mexico, which means you have a lot of latitude.

  5. I believe I see magic in the leaves of beets from your photo.
    Bon voyage, have a magical trip.

  6. Beet greens are my favorite of all vegetables. I had them last night for dinner, but I can tell you - they didn't look aaanything like yours. Glorious!

    As for Cozumel, let the magic begin! xo

  7. of course the magic will still be there. have a wonderful time just being.

  8. Have a wonderful time, enjoy your magical journey.

  9. Darn. I've missed wishing you safe travels. I know that you're going to have a perfect getaway. I love you and will miss you!


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