Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve

That is a picture from our Christmas Eve celebration at Lily's house.


No. Not really. It looked more like this.

And so much more. 

I'm exhausted. It was precious. 
We ate party foods and we drank festive beverages and there were at least forty-five thousand children running around eating sugar straight from the sugar bowl. Well, okay. They might as well have been. Maggie gave August a bite of her chocolate coated pretzel rod and he chewed it thoughtfully and said, "Me chocolate?" And yes, he got his own chocolate covered pretzel. With sprinkles. 
Lord, Lord. 

And now I have to go to bed so that Santa can come. May and I told Gibson that Santa won't come if there are any children awake. And he said, "OH! COME ON!" 

May visions of sugar plums dance in your head. Or whatever makes you smile in your sleep. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. A lovely way to close my Christmas Eve, reading about yours and looking at the pictures of your beautiful family. You always warm my heart. A very happy Christmas to you, and may the joy last through the remaining 12 days, and through the New Year too.

  2. if I still had little ones, mine or my grands, we'd be doing something similar.

  3. Such sweetness. Merry Christmas to all!

  4. Your pictures look MUCH BETTER than that top one!

  5. The memories your family is making now will sustain your beautiful grandchildren for life, and will knit them into the love of family in ways that will pass to the generation that follows them. It is a beautiful thing to watch happening. Love to you and your amazing family this holiday, and always.


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