Thursday, November 28, 2019

Tired But Content

I am exhausted and I really did not do that much today and I honestly didn't eat that much either but the fact remains that I'm ready for bed and it's not even 8:30.
It was an extremely beautiful day. Perfect weather.
I got the dressing made and got the turkey in the oven this morning, grateful that we weren't eating at some insanely early hour. We stayed out until almost midnight last night. It was a completely fantastic evening. The music was beyond amazing. The people there were people I did very much want to see and I ended up being absolutely glad I went. I don't even have words for the emotions that I experienced.

Left to right there you have Jerry Thigpen, Dave Davidson, Pete Winter, Bill Wharton. 
At one point, I reached over to Hank and he bent his ear to me and I said, "This is the music you heard when you were in utero. 
"I know," he said, and nodded his head. I think he felt right where he was supposed to be at that very moment. 
Jerry even talked about Bill's old house on Park Avenue where the musicians would gather and play into the night. I'm not the only one who has deep and profound memories of that time. 

But yes, it was quite late when we got home. We left Lloyd around 3:30 this afternoon to drive over to Lily's with a truck full of food. It was a more laid-back affair this year with fewer people and still way too much food. 

I only got a few random pictures. Here are two. 
I truly do not have the energy to go into details. There were all of the usual foods and I brought home a lot of leftovers. And now I have to go clean up my kitchen. After that I'm going to take a shower and get in the bed and I doubt I've ever looked forward to anything quite so much. 

I hope you've had a beautiful day. I am grateful for each and every one of you who come here. I am grateful for my family from Levon on up to my husband. I am grateful that my life has taken the paths it has because this is a pretty cool place to find myself at this stage of my life. I am grateful for burning-bush colored Japanese maple trees and I am grateful that I can laugh about this. 

Liberace is determined that his flock should take over my house. Do you know how difficult it is to get eleven chickens out of a kitchen and a bathroom? 
It's not easy. I'll tell you that. 

Anyway, another Thanksgiving and all is well. 

Sleep well, tonight. And may your dreams be sweet. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I love the photos of the chickens. Glad you had a good day:)

  2. a very happy thanksgiving to you and yours

  3. I am grateful for your beautiful blog and your lyrical words. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Photo before August and his long legs! , He will be driving soon, getting a job, staying out late...oh dear. And your little dumpling Levon is so unbelievably cute! Great kids! Looks as though all is right in the Mary world, and that music will help you through the next time the lights go out. In utero music does tend to influence the wee barn...I took mine to a Stevie Wonder concert , he responded after birth with positive recognition. Pretty sure Hank felt the same way, comforted.

  5. A good thanksgiving here too. Grateful for your blog that reminds me to pay attention to the good things. Love...

  6. all was well here too and I finally got to meet Jade's boyfriend. took zero pictures.

    1. and how did that many chickens get in the bathroom in the first place?

  7. Chickens in the bathroom! Love it! That maple tree is amazing, especially against that blue sky.

  8. Another Thanksgiving beautifully shared. Love to you and yours.


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