Wednesday, November 6, 2019

I Still Have A Give-A-Damn Meter, I Guess. And Other Stuff

Well. There you go. The arugula has come up after only four days. No wonder you people in GB call it "rocket." It grows like one.

It's been another good day although quite a different one. I decided this morning to try and stay off my knee as much as possible and I also found my old knee brace and Velcroed it in place. Not sure if the thing helps at all but it does serve as a reminder to be gentle on the old joint.
Jessie has offered to make me a doctor's appointment to get it checked out.
I told her, "As Maggie would say, 'No, please'."

So I've stayed close to home although I did take a beautiful little stroll up to the Post Office, enjoying the cooler air, the fallen pink sasangua petals on the sidewalk, the blue skies with the ancient oaks reaching up to try and touch them.

The heating repair guy came out. He was the most polite fellow ever. There was a m'am after everything he said to me and when he talked on the phone to Mr. Moon, a sir. 
I know that bothers some people but around here, it's just a sign of good home-raising. And respect. Hell yes, I may not be elderly but I'm olderly.
He got the heater to come on and then he checked out all of the air vents in the house and then went under the house because Mr. Moon has asked for an estimate to get all of the ductwork replaced under there.
Let me just say that if you throw in a new heat pump, we're talking approximately the same amount of money my parents paid for a house on a lake in Winter Haven, Florida in 1967.
Oh god. I DO sound elderly.
Yes. Times have changed. So have prices.
But it was not an unpleasant exchange with Repair Guy and when he left I told him, "If I was your boss, I'd be really happy to have you as an employee."
I think he appreciated that. Of course, he could be a serial killer but I sort of doubt it.

I did laundry and cleaned out the hen house and finally sat my ass on the couch about 4:00. So much for staying off my knee. I got back to my overall embroidery project while watching a documentary on Netflix called "Echo in the Canyon." For someone my age, it's extremely enjoyable. All sorts of musicians who started out in California and specifically Laurel Canyon are in it as well as Tom Petty (whom the film is dedicated to) and Ringo Starr and Eric Clapton. Also, Jakob Dylan, who is sort of the thread who stitches it all together. He is the interviewer of the people like Stephen Stills and David Crosby and Michelle Phillips and Lou Adler. I haven't finished watching it but I have determined that the trait of being enigmatic is surely genetic after carefully studying Jakob's face as he goes about his interviewing and his playing. He looks and sounds a lot like his famous daddy and he ain't giving away any more of himself than Bob does. And quite frankly, he has a most interesting (and to my mind) beautiful face to watch.

I love the way several of the older musicians who were interviewed put their hands on Jakob's neck or shoulder. He is one of the children of a man who meant, and probably still means, a lot to them all. And he has grown up to be one of them- a musician in his own right. 

Mr. Moon is home and he's all packed up and ready to leave which will happen about two a.m. He has a five o'clock flight tomorrow morning and he has to get to Tallahassee and park and get an Uber to the airport in time to be early enough to get all checked in. 
I am not envious of that at all. 
I am going to miss him so very much but I'm already planning projects to do while he's gone. I want to get a pattern and flannel to make Maggie and August matching winter dresses. I had Jessie ask the boy whether he'd rather have pants that matched Maggie's dress or a dress for himself and he said he wants a dress. How I love that boy! And his mama and daddy for not having the slightest problem with that. 

I've got yet another loaf of sourdough in the oven and I'm going to make a seared scallops and greens and tomatoes pasta thing for my husband's last night at home for awhile. 

Okay- here's a question- why is it that you never see all the dust and spider webs until a stranger comes to your house? As the heater guy went from room to room measuring vents and so forth I was horrified to see the amount of dust AND spider webs as he shone his flashlight about to count and measure. And also- why do we feel the need to point these things out and apologize? 
Who cares what a heat tech guy thinks? 
I guess I do. 
Which means I still have a few fucks left to give. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh, Mary. I so feel you on the caring what the heat guy thinks! Sigh. We should both probably work on giving up a few more fucks here and there. :)

    "I know that bothers some people but around here, it's just a sign of good home-raising. And respect. " It's true! Everyone, even people my age at the school say ma'am and sir on the everybody. It's just how we all were raised.

  2. Dear Mary, There is not ever any shame in giving a fuck. I give a fuck all the time. And it doesn't matter most of the time, either. But it makes you feel better. So hurray for giving a fuck.

  3. I hope your knee feels better soon. Safe travels to Mr. Moon.

  4. I do hope Mr. Moon is taking his extra special warm clothing. It's going to be COLD up there, really cold. Hope the knee is doing better. That's about the only thing on my olderly body that doesn't hurt.

  5. I am so fortunate to live in a trailer only six months old. I need to run the vacuum soon, after I do some more weaving. The detritus on the floor does not concern me, though. It's the layer of dust. It doesn't go away, when I remove it and once, when I paid to have it removed.What about the damn dust?

  6. Your arugula looks as cheerful as a Kentucky election. Looks like hope.
    That is hilarious about your heating man judging your corner dust. I would venture to say he never saw it until you pointed it out. Sounds like his mama raised him right. I still appreciate good manners and instilled them in my children. Being polite is almost a lost art.
    I hope your husband has safe travels and a fun trip.
    Do give your knee a chance to heal. I send good vibes.

  7. Elderly vs olderly. Exactly.
    While we have limited spider web issues (I guess. Compared to Florida.) in my house the sun usually shines just so through our filthy windows every time we have visitors who probably wash theirs on a weekly basis.
    Look after that knee.

  8. As Jakob Dylan grows older he starts to look more and more like his father. Of course his mother was Sara Dylan and that song "Sara" from the 1976 album "Desire" is one of my all time favourite Dylan songs. I used to be able to play it and sing it. Do you know that song? So evocative of happy family times. By the way Sara Dylan is now 80 years old. Can you believe it?

  9. It's partly the self-consciousness caused by a stranger's perusal of one's home that makes the dust and spiderwebs seem to appear out of nowhere-- but the operant word here is "flashlight".
    Walk around alone in your own home beaming a flashlight under and around and behind things, and you will be appalled.
    I've long thought that "dust" should be an element on the periodic table.

  10. people with pristine houses need to get a life. and when we all run out of fucks to give we might just as well hang it up.

  11. My son is a plumber and I am very conscious of the kind of crap (literally and figuratively) he has to deal with. When his friend installed my new heating system I made sure to have everything clean as a whistle but he said it really didn't bother him if there was a bit of dust here and there. And who can find cobwebs anyway, those buggers shoot up overnight. I find the best way to find them is to open my shutters in the morning and stick my head out - yep they're all over my hair by that point! But both my sons are exquisitely polite. I'm a Brit and would whack them (figuratively speaking) if there wasn't a please and thank you with everything. It went down very well with grandma in PA I can tell you. I live in France and one time a guy asked if I was Jordan's mom, so I said "that depends, what did he do". But he laughed and said "nope I know he's your son because he looks like you. I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful, polite kid you have"! I could have cried I was so puffed up. But you know what, good manners never hurt anyone - they make the world go around! And well done that young man's mom on realizing that!

  12. I'm sure a heater guy in Florida sees all manner of creepy crawly and dusty things in ductwork. But I know what you mean -- I feel like our house is pretty clean and then when someone comes over, suddenly every fault reveals itself.

    I haven't heard about that documentary but it sounds right up my alley. They must have talked about Queen Joni?!

  13. My cousin's wife had a fridge magnet. Dull women have immaculate homes.

    You should see my house right now. My kitchen is torn apart and I'm on the couch with my feet up and there is shit everywhere and the animals are not happy. Short term pain, right?

  14. Awww yes, I sorted it! And it only took me an hour and half! :D

    I too have followed technician type people around while staring at the decrepitude of my house. They're usually very gracious, but I know they've probably just come from some immaculate Irish woman's pristine show house and judge me horribly.


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