Friday, November 29, 2019

Back To Real Life

I was back to regular domesticity today and happy to be.
I was a bad wife and did not get up to drive to Jacksonville with my husband for him to get his blood drawn. Instead I stayed in bed until almost nine.
Lazy, lazy me.
But I got on to the chores pretty quickly. I put the turkey bones in a big pot of water and simmered that for most of the day and started a loaf of sourdough. The oven is preheating now for the bread and the turkey broth has been made into a soup and those will be our supper.
I got laundry done and hung on the line which always makes me feel as if I am painting my personal landscape. I know it's silly but I swear- when I'm dead I'm going to miss hanging clothes on the line on a beautiful cool, clear day. And making bread and soup, too.
Okay, sure, I'll be dead and won't be missing anything but if I could miss anything when I'm dead it would surely include doing those things.

Mr. Moon made his trip there and back in good time. He said it was a lot easier, knowing where he was going and where to park. I'm sure it was.
When he got home he found me on my knees in the garden, weeding and thinning greens again. Such a picky, tiny process. The weeds are smaller than the greens but more abundant, I have to say. I need to mulch. And I probably need to water more. We aren't getting much rain. Still, the little lettuces are coming up so nicely, the kale looks sturdy, the arugula is happy to bask in the sun and even the carrots have put on their second fancy leaves between the two green hair-like sprouts that come up first. Perhaps we will be eating more than just micro-greens at some point this winter.
Sure would be nice.

Wednesday night, we talked about getting together with sweet friends tonight and I just got a call and they are coming over. David and Karen, the violinist and his wife. I'm really glad they're coming. I told David that by the time they get here perhaps the soup and bread will be ready. He said they've been eating all day and they DON'T NEED FOOD. And then he said, "I'll probably eat some food."
"Okay," I said. "Either way."
I think that Karen will probably have a martini with us. I love that in a gal.

So I better go and check on things in the kitchen.

Be well, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Dearest Mary-

    I can't imagine hanging clothes out and thinning anything. It's gonna be in the 20's tonight. But, o , I love sun dried sheets.

    Love and kisses from the frozen North.


    1. Sun dried sheets are the best, best, BEST!
      Love and kisses back your way from the not frozen South.

  2. All of that sounds wonderful. Cozy at home is my favorite.

  3. I'm a fan of sheets dried on the line too but I'll have to wait for spring. I'm glad you having a good day and spending time with friends. Good food, good friends, what else do we need?

    1. Not much! You're right. It was a sweet day and a sweeter evening.

  4. I never did get my lettuce and carrots seeds planted. I could probably still get them in but not feeling the urge. I worked on getting the feathers in their frames and of course I fucked the last one up and now I have to re-sand and repaint the back board.

    1. Well, if you never felt the urge, then why do it?
      Hey- your rose is blooming again!
      I'm so sorry about you having to re-seand and repaint. What a pain.

  5. Well I can hardly blame you for not wanting to accompany Mr. Moon to Jax for a relatively quick and simple procedure. Especially since you got so much done at home! I was very into the domesticity thing today, too.


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