Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Some Things I Will Never Understand, Some Things I Do

Dammit, today was hard. Just hard. I didn't walk because it was forecast to rain and storm like hell and the radar showed a band of stuff coming our way that looked serious and then nothing happened but a few podunk showers that didn't amount to anything.
And I had anxiety.
And, and, and.
But Jessie needed a babysitter for just a little while and so I went to town where I found these people.

Knowing I would find those people is what got me to town, of course, and after Jessie left to go get her teeth cleaned, I read books to August and held Levon who was very tired but not ready to go to sleep. Instead, he tried to get the books I was reading (and August instructed me to use two hands on the book while reading to him which is not easy when you're holding a squirmy baby) and so then I put him on his tummy on the floor and he liked that until he crawled to the coffee table and got stuck in the legs of it which made him angry. 
This little boy is a trip. His physical abilities and his need to move are progressing faster than his cognitive abilities to figure out the consequences of his movements. He's a hoot. 
So I picked him back up and gave him a little of Jessie's milk in a bottle which he took a tiny bit of and then refused any more, deciding that it was just too weird. Or something. Who knows? 
But he never really cried, just got a little fussy and when his mama came home she gave him a little of her milk from the original container and he fell asleep in approximately four seconds. 

Here's August, applying lip balm. This is one of his favorite things to do around me. He knows I have it in my purse and he always asks for it and then he makes damn sure that his lips are completely and totally balmed. 

He applies it to my lips too and then, if I'm lucky, I get to kiss him so that we can test out the relative balminess of our lips. 
I was lucky today. 

While all of this was happening, Mr. Moon was in the ER of the Sacred Heart hospital in St. Joe, which is the next town over from Apalachicola. There is a hospital in Apalach but I think he was advised to go to the one in St. Joe. Whatever. He'd called me this morning reporting that his ankle and foot were red and swollen and painful when he stood on them. 
I insisted that he go to a doctor, knowing that these symptoms could indicate a variety of potentially serious conditions and so he went. He was in the ER for hours and hours but they did blood work and an x-ray and a culture, all of which takes some time. One never knows how good a diagnostician any practitioner is but he was given two possible diagnosis, neither one immediately fatal. He was also given prescriptions and a print-out of things to look for which could indicate the need for more medical attention as well as things to do which included everything from elevating his leg to wearing his seatbelt. 
Which of course he does anyway. 
Both of those things. 

None of this relieved any of my anxiety in the least and as he said to me, "You're more stressed out about this than I am," and I said, "So what else is new?" and he laughed. 
And of course I'm going to head over there tomorrow to make sure that things are okay, whatever that means. I have no idea. But. I want to hug him and kiss him and heal him with my magical love. Which always works, right? 

And maybe someone will buy me some oysters. 

So. There you go and there you have it. That was pretty much my day. 
But here's three more things:

When I was leaving Jessie's house, August said something he's never said before which was, "I need some MerMer hugs," and boy, did I give him some! 

A picture of the marvelous and splendid and indomitable Magnolia June that her mama sent me. 

I can't wait to make her some more dresses. 

And last but not least- do you remember me talking about unruly hair syndrome? Or, alternatively, uncombable hair syndrome? And how sometimes we think that maybe August has it (although his hair doesn't seem nearly so unruly or uncombable lately) and how one of Mr. Moon's nieces has it? 
Yeah. You probably don't. 
Anyway, it's a real true thing and lately I have become a follower of a FB page called Florida Pioneering Families and recently, this picture was posted. 

The absolute only explanation I can find for these ladies' hair is UNCOMBABLE HAIR SYNDROME! 
This was not a hairstyle that Florida Pioneering women generally adopted. 
Or ever adopted. 
Unless there's something going on here I don't understand which may have involved fingers in early electric sockets. 

Oh, it's a mysterious and strange world where we have not figured out so many things, whether of swollen and painful ankles to uncombable hair syndrome to why men of peace so frequently become the victims of assassination. 
As Saint George Carlin said, "You know what's interesting about assassination....did you ever stop to think about the people we kill? It's always those who tell us to live together in harmony and try to love one another. Jesus, Gandhi, Lincoln, John Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Malcolm X, John Lennon. They all said live together in harmony... BAM! Right in the head. Apparently we aren't ready for that yet." - George Carlin

I remember where I was fifty years ago when I heard the news that Martin Luther King, Jr. had been shot. 
Some things you never forget and you will never understand. And you will absolutely never completely come to peace with inside your heart. 

Fifty years. And we ain't nearly there yet. We're still crawling and running into coffee tables with no idea how to get ourselves out of the situation. I wish I could say that I have hope that someday we will. 
It sure won't happen in my lifetime. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. not to be a bummer but if it hasn't happened in all the 50,000+ years humans have been on this planet I don't think it will ever happen. we just aren't wired that way. doesn't mean we should do our best to live in harmony on the planet.

  2. i hope they get some answers soon for mr moon and you and that science has him up to par quickly!


  3. The universe needs MerMer hugs. It would be such a better place. I do hope Mr. Moon is correctly diagnosed and heals quickly.

  4. I’m glad there’s news about what ails your big handsome man, but the best remedy of all will be when he sees you tomorrow. I hope he heals quickly. Your grandchildren are simply gorgeous and magical beings. August knows what what.

  5. Oh my. That's the kind of phone call that would flip me the fuck out. Proud of you for handling it like a pro and happy to hear he's got some answers. And Thank YOU! for putting a name to what's happening to my hair. It's a real thing! I have it.

  6. We seem to do hate much easier than love and acceptance. Sigh

  7. Been crawling into table legs my entire life but still trying to get it right - next time. And I KNOW I am not the only one. We are a multitude.
    Best wishes to your man for a speedy recovery. Hope it's not erysipela.

  8. I DO have hope, and actually a firm belief, that someday we will make a more peaceful and just world. We're getting there already -- it's just fits and starts and sometimes we take a step (or several) backwards. But in the long haul, we're moving forward.

    I think those who preach peace, tolerance, progress and understanding are just plain THREATENING to people who are firmly traditionalists (to use perhaps the kindest euphemism I can think of). And that perceived threat prompts them into murderous action.

    I do remember your "uncombable hair" post because I'd never heard of it. That picture is certainly intriguing!

    I'm glad Mr. Moon's ankle apparently didn't prove to be anything more severe than it was. And that it responded to medication, as you posted subsequently.


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