Monday, April 9, 2018

An Extremely Typical Ms. Moon Post

I am not feeling so great this evening.
It may have been my walk this morning. I did not walk an entire five miles but I walked fast. Faster than usual, actually, because I wanted to get home and take a shower and go pick up Lily and Maggie which I did. We had lunch and grocery shopping planned and had to be at the boys' bus stop in time to pick them up. So. Shorter, faster walk.
And it felt fine when I was doing it but fuckin' A. I'm not going to lie to you- I hurt now.
Also, it's probably going to rain tonight and that can often make my poor old joints ache more than usual.
Bitch, bitch, bitch.
Here's something beautiful.

That's my orange-blossomed native azalea, finally blooming. It does not get enough sun there but it persists in living and I guess that's what matters most. It's a big deal to me every year when it blooms and when the aged water oak which shades it finally falls over, it will get plenty of sun. 

Here's another picture of something beautiful. 

Or actually, someone. 
She'd let her mama do up her hair in little pig tails today and she was simply adorable. She is really starting to talk a lot in actual English. She must have asked to go see August at least a dozen times but August and Levon and Jessie all seem to have a little bit of a cold and so they stayed home today. This is Levon's first illness of any sort and that's got to be hard on a baby. And on a baby's mama.

I try so hard to tell Maggie how smart she is, how funny, what a good singer she is but I can't help telling her that she's beautiful and cute and adorable and precious and pretty. 
I just can't help it. And I know that's not what I'm supposed to do. We shouldn't put so much emphasis on looks but the words just fly out of my mouth. Those eyes, those lips, that curly hair! That darling little nose. Those pudgy little fingers. That Frida Kahlo eyebrow! 
UGH! Magnolia June! Stop being so damn gorgeous! And loving. And kissy and huggy and stop doing things like putting your dollies to sleep in the cradle your Boppy made for your mama when she was born!

No. Not really. I want her to be exactly who she is and she is mighty sassy too. 
When she tucked those dolls in yesterday, Gibson started to get into the cradle with them and she yelled at him. 
"No Gibson! Not YOURS!"
And he backed off. 
He's a smart boy. And Lily corrected me today on what he said yesterday when he got off the bed to go do something. He did not say, "Sorry, Ladies." He said, "Excuse me, my ladies!"
Which is even so much better. 

The baby chickens are all doing well. I bought grapes for them at Publix today and a few minutes ago I chopped up some beet greens and four grapes and put them in their little pen. 

They love greens and grapes. 
I am going to clean out the tractor coop in the big coop tomorrow and perhaps put the jungle fowl in there. Those birds are insane. I cannot wait to see who they turn out to be. If they really are any of the breeds that they were advertised as, they could really be interesting. To get an idea of how energetic and chaotic twelve young chickens in a Pack'n'Play can be, watch this video that I made for August who asked if I would do that. 

And that's about it. Mr. Moon reports that he and our partner in the Dog Island house have fixed and repaired and cleaned a whole bunch of stuff down there including pipes and showers, did some maintenance work on the vehicle which gets us from dock to house, and scrubbed out the refrigerator. Good work, men!

And of course I MUST mention that the FBI raided the office and Park Avenue hotel room today of Donald Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen. You've heard that, right? And so of course we'll be bombing Syria within forty-eight hours because there's nothing like a good war to distract the citizenry from presidential investigations.
Except for maybe when the investigation includes allegations from a real and true certified porn star who not only has huge breasts but appears to have an even bigger brain and absolutely no fear of the power of the presidency.
I mean- what could be sexier than that?

Oh god. The world is in a damn mess.

I'm going to bed early tonight.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Going to bed early is my go to for every day that is difficult.

    Magnolia is absolutely beautiful. Love her eyebrows. I’ve never noticed them before.

    1. I will never forget when she was born and Lily said, "She doesn't have any eyebrows!" and Jason said, "Don't worry! She'll get one."
      And she has!

  2. Sigh. I'm on a news diet, and you've sabotaged me. I love the description of the great Stormy Daniels as having even bigger brains than boobs. So true. God bless both.

    1. Boobs and brains- one of the best combinations ever.

  3. Magnolia June rules her kingdom! Have I ever mentioned that I love her name?

    1. She does rule her kingdom and that is the truth! Lily named her all by herself. I think she's probably wanted a little girl named Magnolia June for a very long time.

  4. baby girls and baby chicks. and Trump is pissed off so the reports say. well what else is new. Bolton will probably use it as an excuse to go to war with Iran. stupid man.

    1. I bet Trump is about to explode. The shit is hitting the fan.

  5. Now, see, Dave would dig up that azalea and move it and traumatize it (and me) in the process. LOL! Bravo to you for leaving it where it is. If it's blooming, it's fine!

    Love the Magnolia pic and Gibson's funny quotations and the baby chicks. Things are definitely lively all around you, even if you are aching from your walk! (The important thing is you DID it, regardless of the aches and pains. Easy for me to say, I know.)

    1. Gibson would make you laugh so much, Steve.
      It was a lively day.

  6. I am so glad you tell Maggie Magnolia how beautiful she is. Keep telling her and eff the nay sayers. I never heard it once as a child and I think it is completely necessary. Also my azaleas are puny and sad. That bloom is spectacular and so are you. Love

    1. I don't remember hearing it either, come to think of it. But Lord, Maggie does. And she must be told by her mother at least a hundred times a day that she loves her. And then there's everyone else telling her she is loved. Whoo-boy. If that child ever goes to the dark side it won't be because she wasn't loved.
      That native azalea is beautiful, isn't it? But the ones in the woods are even more so although I only ever see pink ones there.
      You're pretty spectacular yourself, Ms. R.

  7. You know, I agree with what Rebecca says. You also tell Maggie she is smart and bold and spunky, and strong. Let her know she's beautiful, too.

    1. She knows. Oh yes, she knows. But we will keep reminding her.

  8. Maggie's little pinky in the air like that really cracks me up! What a gem! And thank you for the video of baby chicks, that also made me extremely happy!


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