Saturday, November 30, 2013

Wallowing in Ennui

The paper this morning is full of whack "journalism" concerning the experience of shopping on Black Friday.
Black Friday.
Doesn't that name just sound like you're asking for trouble?
Anyway, la-di-dah and here it is Saturday and I have no idea what I'm doing today. The turkey carcass is all neatly and tidily dealt with, the broth is in containers in the refrigerator, the meat removed from the bone and in another container, the giant pot washed and dried and put away in the back of the cabinet.
Last night I said to Mr. Moon, "Maybe we should go out and eat Mexican food tomorrow night."
He looked at me in bafflement.
I know. Why would we go out to eat when our refrigerator is completely packed with turkey?
Shrimp fajitas?
We shall see.

The camellias have started to bloom and you know that's one of the few things that gets me through December. There's a Pink Perfection or something close. How beautiful is that little thing?

So I spend way too much time on Facebook although I hardly EVER post there. It's weird because I'll write almost anything here but on Facebook I feel too exposed. Plus, I don't think I really get Facebook. It's all so POSITIVE! Positive affirmations. Positive gratitude...stuff. When it isn't being all negative.
"I couldn't watch this video on...(insert horrifying action recorded on video here)... but you should because it's horrible and needs to end."
Then there's the ads. Why is Oprah so embarrassed about all that weight she's lost and has she lost weight? Wouldn't it make more sense if she were embarrassed when she gained weight?
And what does Dr. Oz have to do with it?

I will say, however, that I am certainly enjoying being friends with Keith Richards on Facebook. And his band, the Rolling Stones. Maybe you've heard of them. I may have mentioned those fellows before.

But like I said, here it is Saturday and I am going to take a walk, yes, I swear, I really am, no two ways about it. And then...oh, I don't know. I've caught up on all the Facebook news of people I know and people whose names are vaguely familiar. Mr. Moon is going to watch football on the TV today and I could do anything. Anything at all.
Which makes me feel woozy, just considering.

What are you up to today? Anything fun and exciting? I just ate oatmeal! And I have to tell you that if you put just the tiniest bit of brown sugar on oatmeal it is like ten thousand percent better than if you don't. Which probably negates all the oatmeally goodness but whatever.

All right. I'm out of here. If you're doing anything more exciting than eating oatmeal I'd love to hear about it. Unless it involves doing something like feeding the homeless or finding a cure for cancer because honestly, that would just make me feel worse about myself than I already do which is hardly possible but actually IS possible. My ability to feel bad about myself is, not unlike the universe, infinite.
And if you've finished your Christmas shopping already, just keep that shit to yourself.

Much love...Ms. Moon


  1. The fridge full of food and craving Mexican food in a restaurant that someone else cooks makes 100% COMPLETE AND PERFECT SENSE.

    Agree with FB Barf Factor Preciousness.

    ps. WV: ffassed
    I can only imagine the robots calling me flat assed


  2. Madame Rebecca- Facebook is like the stuff at the bottom of the pond way too often. Not always, but more frequently than we would like to believe.
    Mexican food sounds divine to me. And yes- not Mexican food that I cook but that someone else cooks. Those verification words can make even the most sane of us a bit paranoid at times, can't they?

  3. I've occasionally had a housefull of grandkids with terminal ennui, and sent them outside for the cure. Told them not to come back until they discovered the cure.
    Once I reminded them of the little pig on TV, who leans out the window yelling Wee, Wee, Wee. The cure to ennui, perhaps.
    Sadly, they are older now, and not so easy to mess with. My current cure for ennui is "Go practice your ________, whatever instrument that one plays. Practice is a good thing, all three are tolerably good.

  4. those Camellias make great wreaths. I miss them. Although we do get some here too. Not nearly like home.

    Send leftovers. Heh heh!

  5. I just ate sausage!

    Pink Friday. That's the day for swooning over camelias instead of shopping.

    I, too, am free to anything. ANYTHING. Enjoy your day, Mrs. Moon.

  6. Well, I did look at the picture, and posted a warning letting people know what it was so they DIDN'T have to - and it does have to end.

    However. Complaining about Facebook is a modern pastime, I guess, we all do it. You know you can hide people's posts without unfriending them, if you don't like their content? OR, you can just unfriend them. We all need to woman up and just do it.

    I went on a beautiful walk in the woods with a friend, 4 kids and 2 happy dogs today. It was just lovely.

    Your flower is perfection.

  7. I walked and drank wine in the middle of the day. I need to eat. I am thinking about seeing, 'Nebraska,' since it's the state in which I reside and I love Alexander Payne flicks. That's about it.

    Not much here. I hate shopping, unless it's online.

  8. We are on the boat for the weekend. I don 't do FB. I don 't mind Twitter but the blog and it are all I can manage.

  9. I must say one good thing about being overseas at this time of year is that we hear NOTHING about Black Friday. It's as if it doesn't even exist.

    I haven't figured out what to do about Christmas this year, so you are hardly alone on that one.

  10. LOL at your Facebook observations. Gawd, brown sugar is all? I put like 18 other things on my oatmeal. My breakfast is about 500 calories of oatmeal and fixins. But still, loved hearing about oatmeal here, that's just the kind of dork I am. Was it regular or steel cut? Gotta love the SCO!


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