Tuesday, November 19, 2013

That's Art, Right?

There you go. That is the sculpture I have created (haha!) in the woods at the spot where I stop to pee most days. One day I left the path and wondered back through the woods to find a place to squat and when I looked right beside me, I saw that skull. I was having a rather strange day anyway and it seemed to me that the skull might, if I allowed it, portend some horrible thing.
I tried not to let it and as I recall, nothing horrible happened and over the months I have developed a bit of affection for it. I do not know what sort of animal whose head used to contain it. Anyway, a few days ago I picked it up and set it on that old stump. I think this is such a human thing to do. A primal urge to say, I have been here!
Or, in my case, I have peed here!


  1. The whole thing, not just the skull, but you, these words, is art! And I know just how your mind works what with portents and such, and I am glad you decided on art instead!

  2. Wow. Way to mark your territory! Pee AND a skull.

  3. Art: I've seen worse!

  4. Ha! I didn't pee next to mine, but I did the same thing. It felt right, kind of primal to honor the skull with a shrine. Mine was a deer. Yours, who knows! But lovely composition.

  5. Making art out of a portent seems like the best thing you could have done!
    Cheers to peeing outside. I did it last night next to a palm tree after a concert on a city block and it was liberating =)

  6. I love coming upon natural artifacts that have been turned into an art installation.

  7. After my son graduated high school, he and a friend of his decided they were going to take a bicycle tour of the US with no preparation whatsoever. They didn't get far but one of the things my son found, camping by a ditch one night was the skull of a dog which he brought back to me. It sits in a cabinet now but for many years it sat on my buffet.

  8. I have no idea what kind of skull that is. It's weird looking. Are you anywhere near Area 51?!

  9. Angella- Well, it took me over a month to develop that much affection for it. There is that.

    Jo- I agree.

    heartinhand- Haven't we (sadly) all?

    Mel- I should be a fucking skull expert by now. I swear.

    Rachel- It's not just boys who like to pee outside.

    Denise- The beach is a good place to find such things.

    Birdie- That's what I say!

    Ellen Abbott- I would have done the same.

    Steve Reed- No but one does wonder about such things.


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