Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Little Gift For You To Warm You Up

That's a pecan pie, a chocolate pecan pie and apple thingies that Jessie made with the extra pastry dough and some apples they brought with them. Not a good picture but I believe they will be good pies.

It's been a full day. Giblets are cooked and cut up, the broth is saved for stuffing and gravy. A small turkey has been smoked. Cranberry sauce made (not to be confused with the cranberry relish I made last week) and angel biscuit dough has also been made. Eggs have been boiled. The cornbread for the cornbread stuffing has been made. And the plants have been brought in. It's supposed to get down to 29 tonight or something.
Gibson is asleep at the moment, Jessie and Vergil are in town and Owen is eating some noodles and watching TV with his Boppy. Owen keeps saying, "Don't fall asleep, Boppy!" Good luck with that one, son.

We may actually go out tonight to see the ex- and a dear old friend play music together at a pizza joint. We'll see when Jason gets here to collect these boys. I have been tireder in my life but tomorrow's going to be another full day. But I did not get my music fix last night and you know how that goes.
I did watch a video I posted a little over a year ago and it brought me great joy. I think I'll make it a seasonal tradition.
So. For your pleasure and entertainment, let me give you Muddy Waters and The Rolling Stones back a long time ago playing, "Baby Please Don't Go."

As I said when I posted it the first time, it's long and you probably won't watch it. That's okay. I've watched it enough for all of us.

Peace, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Mary Moon! Love to you. And that big beautiful family.

  2. So I'm sittin' here watching the video, and thought, "Man, can you imagine sitting there grooving to Muddy Waters, and the F**king Rolling Stones walk in! Holy Cr*p!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Mind you, I don't mind the notion that there's no more smoking in bars. At least not up here anyway. That part sucked. Hated getting home stinking of smoke.

  3. I wish I was coming over with my kids!

  4. Hope you guys have a wonderful day.
    Hugs to everyone.
    xo PS We may have someone pursuing a short sale on the house... crossing fingers. I'm really trying to get it occupied. Maybe we'll get a Thanksgiving miracle! :-)

  5. Thanks, Ms. Moon, for this video, a T-day treat. There are several most delightful things: Keith's deft wielding of his knife to open the bourbon, the appearance of both Bobby Keys and Ian Stewart, and the quite remarkable waitress. I've said recently that Jack White is the MF MAN these days, but there was a time when it was Muddy Waters. L7

  6. I remember watching this video!
    Has it been a year already?
    I'm dying to know the difference between cranberry jelly and cranberry relish.
    Happy thanksgiving!

  7. Maggie May- And to you and your beautiful family!

    Bob- All I can say is- I sure do wish I'd been there.

    gradydoctor- There would be room and plenty for all.

    Ms. Fleur- Details?

    Denise- And more pie.

    L7 - I keep walking around the house this morning singing in my head. Baby please don't go. I was singing it out loud yesterday until Owen told me to stop. I wanna be yo' dog. Uh-huh.
    I could watch that thing all day long. And yes, the waitress is like my favorite thing. She has seen and heard it all and she is not that impressed.

    heartinhand- The cranberry relish is raw cranberries processed with apples, pecans, and oranges. With sugar. The cranberry sauce is cranberries cooked with sugar and orange juice and water. Both beautiful and delicious. I think.

  8. Muddy, Keith, Mick and Ron ~ great way to start off the Thanksgiving afternoon. John and I both watched and enjoyed every second. Loved how Keith and Ron walked across the table to get to stage!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the Moons ~ baby, please don't go!


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