Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dia De Los Muertos And Seminole Football

It was good to get out, put that new purse to some use other than decorative, hanging off a chair in the kitchen. Owen decided to stay home with his daddy who was going to be cleaning off the roof which sounded extremely exciting to him so it was just Lily and me and Gibson who went out into the world.

There's a huge football game happening in Tallahassee tonight so folks were out everywhere. There seems to have been a new Tallahassee ordinance approved which allows drinking on game days in public for six hours before a game or something like that and people were tailgating everywhere and I can't believe the stupidity that human beings display but there you go. I swear- if I never see another garnet and gold shirt again in my life it'll be way too soon but I have a feeling I'll be seeing at least a million more before I die.

Anyway, Lily and Gibson and I went to a barbecue joint where everyone in the place except for us was dressed in garnet and gold including the children but we had a good time. If it weren't for bacon and barbecue I could probably be a vegetarian. Here's our merry boy drinking some chocolate milk.

He gnawed a good part of a rib, too, which reminded me of when he was just a young thing and was teething and we were eating in the same place and I instructed Mean Aunt Jessie to let him chew on a rib bone which she did, albeit reluctantly. This is what he looked like:

And this is what he looked like today:

I apologize to all of you vegetarians who might be offended. Let me assure you that he ate a whole lot of green beans too. Not that that helps anything. The eating of a vegetable does not resurrect a pig. 

After lunch we went to Trader Joe's which was a lot more fun than Whole Foods and was pretty much as all y'all have described it. Lots and lots and lots of packages of fun and tasty-looking foods, none of which I bought. What I did buy was a six pack of beer, a bag of oat bran, and a dozen cage-free eggs. Yes. I am buying EGGS. There hasn't been a repeat of last Saturday's miraculous appearance of an egg in the hen house and I've accepted the fact that I now have five pet hens and a pet rooster. But it was fun and the lady at the register gave Gibson a lemon lollypop which he generously shared with his mother and me and it was delicious! 

Then we drove on up to the la-di-dah Goodwill. This is the Goodwill in the fancy-pants part of North Tallahassee where I used to live back so long ago that I didn't even have children. In those days there was nothing up there but about four hippies and some black families who'd lived on land there since the Civil War. And a grocery store run by the ugliest people I've ever known who would not accept a check from hippies. And two jook joints which I still mourn the loss of and which I wrote about here five years ago. 
Things have changed in that part of Leon County and that's the truth. I barely recognize it. 
Lily bought two shirts for her boys at Goodwill and I bought a pan and a dish. They had no overalls. It was a bit disappointing but I do like my pan which is Revere Ware and is one of the older ones which has a good, solid heavy bottom and a glass lid which may or may not be original but it fits tight as a drum head and it too is heavy and good. 

After I dropped Lily and Gibson off at home and kissed Owen, I went to the main library where I got some excellent books to read with both my eyes and my ears and the only people there were folks who were not drinking alcoholic beverages in parking lots wearing garnet and gold. It was lovely. And then I went to Publix and bought a frozen pizza which is going to be the base of my supper. I will cook some onions and mushrooms and peppers and spinach and pile all of that up on the pizza along with some sliced tomatoes and bake it and it will be a vegetable pie and yes, I could have made my own but what the hell? It is sweet to be at home and Billy Collins and Sam Bush are on Prairie Home Companion and I'm going to go get out a skillet and start cooking onions. 

We set the clocks back tonight, we can laze in our beds for an extra hour in the morning. Tomorrow afternoon is Waylon's birthday party and I can't wait to see that boy and Billy and Shayla and Maw-Maw and Billy's mama and sister and her two children. Hank will be there and so will Lily and Jason and the boys. It'll be a good time. Mr. Moon will be home tomorrow and I'll be so glad to have him home. 


Is there a word which evokes more heart-love than that one? Probably. But right now, it's a good one to me. 

Saturday night. I have food to eat, books to read, and a warm cozy bed to sleep in. I'm so damn lucky. 
And I know it. 

I just talked to Mr. Moon and I just got this picture from Jessie who is celebrating Dia de Los Muertos with her own Mister. 

Well, there you go. And if the dead need to visit me, that will be all right. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I got a history lesson here. I have never heard of a jook joint. I read your other post and looked that up. Mean Jessie looks mortified at giving Gibson that bone in the fist picture and what an amazing makep job in that 2nd picture. Ad cute, sweet smiling Gibson. I hope he will always be so happy. I forgot about that great selection of beers at Trader Joe's and they do have excellent 4-cheese frozen pizza too. It sounds like a good day!. I am really more sweet than mean but I am a lot of other things too so we will take that day by day. Today I was Insecure Jo

  2. Of course, I made pizza tonight too. Of course. The 4 Cheese from TJ's is the best, agree with Sweet Jo.

  3. Insecure Jo- Jook joint, juke joint. Same-same. I miss them. Sort of a southern-neighborhood bar with the blues and a neon beer sign. I feel lucky to have lived in a time when my name was known at a few of them. Now we have Trader Joe's. Times change as do neighborhoods.

    SJ- You did not eat pizza! Well, of course you did. My base was a Publix Greenwise pizza. It was good.

  4. Hi again, you must come to SF, here they always have overalls in the thrift stores :) hope you have luck next time or I can buy some for you :) just arrived and ready for the Grand Dia de los muertos procession right in front of our house ! how lucky !

  5. I love, love, love that picture of Gibson gnawing on that bone. OMG. I love the throwback photos. And yes, it kind of gets that way with UGA games in Georgia. Lots and lots of red and black. Between them and the Falcons we can't escape that color combination.

    P.S. Love Trader Joes. Especially the 2 buck chuck cheap wines.

  6. I think I remember reading somewhere that "home" is supposed to be one of the most phonetically beautiful words in the English language, along with golden and some others. Who determined this I do not know.

    I wish I could check out that la-dee-dah Goodwill!

  7. Those costumes are awesome!

    I hear you with the football stupidity. Huskers played yesterday and fireworks were going off randomly for hours after they won. I was afraid to leave my abode.

    It's a good day to sleep in. I haven't gotten up yet, as a matter-of-fact and it's 9:00. Well, I guess I did get up one time-to reset the internet connection. Voila!

  8. Gibson is so cute! He melts my heart. And those are some fantastic sugar skull faces. I hope you haven't been inundated with too many dead people!

  9. God. Jesse and Virgil look fantastic. There's huge celebrating for this day here in Los Angeles. If I didn't hate crowds, I would have headed up to Hollywood Cemetery for the festivities -- it's supposed to be outrageous fun.

  10. Like that Gibson likes to gnaw on bones. I have loved to gnaw on bones as long as I can remember. Now I leave it to chicken bones, especially wings.

    And the photo of Jessie and Virgil is great. Good costume.


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