Monday, November 18, 2013

That Was Different

After we dealt with the Florida Softshell Turtle yesterday, we went to a Gala.
I know. Our lives are simply so glamorous.
It really was fun, though. It was at the Opera House, as I mentioned yesterday and Peter Rowan and his stellar band performed as well as the Tibetan songbird, Yungchen Lhamo. Here's a picture of the two of them together.

The woman has hair down to her knees and her voice reminded me of a water harmonica if you've ever heard one of those. She was very, uh, Zenlike? Hell, I don't know. She closed her eyes and spoke very softly and did a few songs acapella and I wondered if the old Opera House had ever heard such a sound. It was pretty spine-tingling. Mr. Moon had to get up and leave to go use the restroom while Peter and the band were still playing and when he got back to his seat, Ms. Lhamo was alone onstage and he wondered if perhaps he'd blundered into a time/space/continuum warp thing.

Then the band came back on and it was one of the stranger musical style pairings I've ever heard and the dynamics going on up there onstage were...very, very interesting.
Hell. I don't know what was going on but I enjoyed the evening more than I can say. The whole thing was a like a Old Tallahassee Hippie Reunion and there were people there I hadn't seen in years and years and who, like me, rarely come out of the woods. Ever.
And the whole thing was over by 9:00 which was more than fittin' for the audience.

I'm so glad to have my husband home. He did not shoot one deer and so possibly, he was not hunting at all but actually has another wife somewhere up on Georgia (and I would say yes, Georgia, due to the red clay he always brings home on his truck) but if he does have another wife, she's not keeping up with his laundry so what good is she to me?
Oh well. As long as he keeps coming home I'm happy. It was so nice to sit and hold hands with him in the Opera House. It was so comforting to have him back in the bed with me again. It was so sweet to wake up and find one of his love notes for me this morning when I went to get my coffee.

The Eternal Gray Drip continues here and I need to get out and take a walk in it. I miss my grandsons something fierce and they need to come out and play with me whether their parents need me to babysit or not. Owen was pleading with his mama to go to work the other day so that they could do just that. I am keeping my ego in check about that by reminding myself that there are only a few places the boys actually go and this is one of them. I wish they could have seen that turtle.

It's Monday. Let's get busy.

Much love...Ms. Moon


  1. Yes, let's get busy. I'd rather lie here in bed and read your worss, though!

  2. You made me LOL with the stuff about another wife! How sweet that he writes you love notes. We are also hand-holders too. It's one of my most favorite forms of comfort.

  3. Still holding hands here, whenever we can.
    You're a many faceted woman, Ms. Moon.

  4. what a kick up your heels kind of gal you've become this week! i love it!

  5. Elizabeth- But Monday is your favorite day!

    heartinhand- I have been thinking about hand holding. How it is the first and the last and the sweetest thing there is in a relationship.

    Bob- Only when I am forced to be. I swear.

    Angella- Well, at least I got my feet out of the house. I'm not sure how heel-kicky I've been but I have put on bras and shoes and gone outside the door and into the world. Now I need to rest.

  6. Interesting about the music. And I sincerely doubt that Mr. Moon has another wife or family in GA. That takes too much energy.

  7. Syd- That thought is what saves my sanity. Ha!

  8. That Opera House gig sounds fascinating! Glad Mr. Moon is back home again. My grandfather used to go hunting all the time and he never brought back deer. My grandmother said it was just an excuse for him to go sit in the woods, which I suppose is true and perfectly understandable.


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