Friday, November 22, 2013

Costco Has Really Big Stuffed Animals

This is what part of my day looked like.
The rest of it looked like hauling groceries in from the car (the primary Thanksgiving Shopping Event occurred today- I have to do this in stages in order not to keel over and die from the sticker shock), putting them away, and sleeping.
Either I still have a little bit of what the boys had/have or else I'm dying, therefore I am having to practice the Art of Moving Slowly. And sleeping whenever possible.

I'm going to go cook some grouper. And then go to sleep.

Happy Friday night.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Ah damn. I am just about 5 minutes away from getting of my ass and going on shopping trip phase 2 which is "the big one". Your words have not encouraged me :)

  2. I saw that white bear at CostCo and I hugged it and I really wanted to buy it for myself but instead I bought two new towels and $11 a piece--great big giant towels bath sheets! I love them I left the bear behind but I would love him at my home because I am a goofy

  3. Jill- What can I say? I'm sorry.

    Mr. Downtown- There were moments at the Costco in which I thought they were going to ask us to leave. I swear.

    Madame Rebecca- And when you have grandchildren, you will have more than the perfect excuse to have a bear like that in your house. This is sort of the essence of being a grandmother.

  4. Those boys are growing before our eyes! How handsome Owen is! And Gibson's smile could power a world. Adorable.

  5. Hope you are feeling better, Ms. Moon. I'm just now getting over my bout with the plague. Loved seeing the pictures of the boys. They are getting so big. Take care.

  6. It seems just yesterday Gibson was a baby and now he is driving! Where does the time go?

    I saw those teddy bears at Costco and yes, they are big! Too big actually. Where do you keep something that big?

  7. Adorable photos...your boys (including the bear) are exceedingly photogenic...Gibson's smile goes on forever!

  8. Sometimes I can't believe how much effort you put into cooking -- I mean really? You're not feeling well, yet you still cook grouper? I bet it was delicious, too.

    Feel better, ma'am.

  9. Angella- They are infinitely beautiful to me. Infinitely.

    Mr. Shife- You take care too. Thank you.

    Birdie- That's what we were saying- where would you keep a bear of that size? It's bigger than Owen's entire bed!

    Lulumarie- He has a 24K smile, doesn't he?

    Elizabeth- It was fantastic grouper. Yes, I always seem to be able to cook. It's weird.

  10. I was thinking today that maybe I have cancer or something because I do want to take a nap just about every day. And I don't believe in chronic fatigue syndrome, so my mind went to the worse thing as being wrong with me.

  11. Syd- Oh, so now you are my twin separated at birth. Tonight I have a slight, very slight toothache. And I am thinking it is a tumor of the jaw. And I am going to die.
    This is how I think ALL THE TIME!
    And you know what? Chronic Fatigue is real and so is fibromyalgia and so is Lyme Disease and so are many things that science just hasn't figured out yet.
    And sometimes we're just weary. Fucking weary.


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