Sunday, November 3, 2013

It's Earlier Than You Think

I keep doing the math. The clock says 9:41 and I add an hour and think, "But it's really 10:41," and why? Why don't I just accept the 9:41 and get on with it?
I have no idea. I imagine we all do this for at least a few days after the clocks change.

I just made and ate the hugest omelet. It only had two eggs but it also had about half a bag of spinach and half an onion and a bunch of mushrooms and...bacon. You should see my kitchen. It looks like I just made Thanksgiving dinner. For lunch I plan on eating birthday cake at Waylon's party.
I'm going to hell.
Bring the forklift.

It's so beautiful here this morning. Blue fall sky and cooler and so very quiet. Even the hog dogs aren't talking. Even the chickens are going about their workday very quietly.

My pet chickens. 

They don't seem to want to have anything to do with the pumpkin this year. It just sits there grinning it's progressively softer grin. Maybe if bugs really take up residence and maggots result, they'll eat those. I have a whole new perspective on maggots since acquiring chickens. I think that maggots mostly just have a branding issue. They should hire a new ad agency. If they changed their name from "maggots" to something like "Tasty Squirmy Treats" people might not hate them as much. 
Well, it's another theory.

Anyway, here it is, Sunday morning. The clock says 10:01 now but really, it's 11:01 or no, actually, it IS 10:01 and I need to go clean up the kitchen and get the spinach out of my teeth and get ready to go to Waylon's birthday party. 
For your enjoyment, I offer you something that makes me smile. I posted the precursor to this commercial a few months ago and I am delighted they have made a new one with the same cast of characters. 

It's Sunday. Be comfortable, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Your pet chickens are lovely. And it is nice that they have found a way to suppor their cage-free brethren by getting you to buy their eggs ;)

  2. you have indeed brought me a smile. have a wonderful birthday cake lunch after your virtuous breakfast. (yes, even with bacon! yum.)

  3. I have decided that a news channel should hire you as their weather person because you bring the weather to life each day in such a beautiful way. I can actually see it and feel it. It is lovely and I like your daily updates of your weather as silly as that sounds. I have never seen a maggot and never want to see a maggot and if I did see one or a bunch of them, I might have to die. Undefined Jo

  4. Ms Moon, truly we are on the same wave length. While on my morning walk I was composing a blog post with just this title. Thank you for writing it instead. I got distracted, food was involved, also creating and cleaning. Not cleaning exactly, more like tossing. Cleaning comes later. Much later. First more food. Bring the forklift indeed.
    ps. loved the commercial clip.

  5. Informal- Go away, Cardsharing server. Go far away.

    Jill- It's a damn conspiracy.

    Angella- It's been a day of bad dietary choices. I have bread rising as we speak.

    Undefined Jo- The weather is the default subject of all human conversation, isn't it?
    Maggots are sort of gross, yes, but chickens love them like we love popcorn.

    Ms. Yo- That's so funny! And you reminded me that my entire goal for this weekend was to clean out the two junk drawers. I finally have done that. Sort of. I threw a ton of stuff away. It feels so good, doesn't it?

  6. Those commercials really do make me want to go out and buy a bottle.

  7. Our Florida jack-o-lanterns used to practically fill up with palmetto bugs. They could fly away by themselves.

  8. the chickens are cool. And it was a lovely Sunday in which we did just about nothing. Well, I did go meet my sponsor for lunch and then back home to relax. Still tired from the Saturday night hoopla.

  9. Elizabeth- It's a fine thing to have a pint tucked away in an inside pocket of a Levi's jacket on winter night, especially if you're outside by a roaring fire, looking up at the stars.

    Steve Reed- Ha! Great image. And yes, that could totally happen.

    Syd- I bet you WERE exhausted.


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