Thursday, November 14, 2013


I don't think it froze last night and thus, all of my plant protective measures were taken in vain and now I need to go uncover everything, remove the burden of sheets and tablecloths from the green stems and leaves. It seemed so bitter last night before I went to bed but now the sun is shining and cutting through the chill, the dogs lay in the warm spots on the porch, their old blind eyes closed in pleasure.

I think I might be getting sick or I may just be tired or who knows? It doesn't matter. Beyond the unburdening of the plants and the calling of Dish Network I have nothing I have to do today. It occurred to me to check and see if the TV in our bedroom is getting a signal and it's a mystery why we haven't checked that already. The truth is, we almost never watch that TV and it is mostly used, when used at all, to play VCR tapes for Owen when I'm trying to get him and his brother to settle down. We still have tapes of old Disney movies and Owen loves them but we've never gotten into the habit (thank god) of watching TV from the bed.
Anyway, the signal in there is fine so I am thinking we may just need a new receiver for the other TV and there you go but I guess I'll call Dish and talk to some nice person and ask him or her how the weather is wherever he or she is as we go through all of the options and instructions they will no doubt give me.
I've done this before.

I plan on moving slowly today and cherishing each moment of solitude. I've already spoken to my Jessie on the phone and it was heart-balm to hear her sweet, cheerful voice. She was on her way home from an early-morning dance class at the YMCA. She told me that last night she made lentil soup and bread and that her sister-in-law and her husband and their baby came over to eat and that this morning Vergil left her a note thanking her for making such a delicious hippie-mama meal.
Yes. Heart-balm.

And speaking of soup, I think I'm going to ignore all the fancy food I bought yesterday and make myself some chicken soup. I had two chicken bosoms in the freezer which I've taken out to thaw and I have carrots and celery and garlic and onions and greens from the garden and limes and CILANTRO and tomatoes too. Not from the garden, though.

So yes. The dogs and I are going to lay about and be warm and drink plenty of fluids and be grateful and now if only the post office would deliver because it's time for my Esquire Magazine to arrive. Yesterday I read an article in the New Yorker which sort of blew my mind with sadness and beauty. You can read it here if you need some beautiful sadness.
My god I love to read.

Thank YOU for reading here.

Being still...Ms. Moon


  1. I love to read too. Isn't it a blessing? Could you imagine life without it? I couldn't. I love to read you!

    I really need some heart balm. Badly.

    Jessie and Vergil are precious. I love he leaves her notes.

  2. Such peace in this place this morning. The mood there sounds lovely. Take care of yourself, dear Mary. Don't get that virus your boys had.

  3. Oh Mary, me too, I love to read so much, and that article in the New Yorker just broke my heart.

    Enjoy your peace and quiet and stay well. Read all you want.

  4. You made we want to call my mom. And possibly make soup. It sounds comforting.

  5. Ahhh. Soup. I needed soup after that New Yorker piece, for sure. Enjoy the peace.

  6. That was the saddest thing I have ever read.


  7. SJ- I do not think I could live without reading. If I go blind I'll do all my reading with my ears. It won't be the same but it sure will beat not reading at all.
    I hope you get some heart balm soon, honey.

    Angella- I'm trying. I don't know how well I'm doing.

    Mel- It broke mine too but god, it was just so true.

    Ms. Vesuvius- Your mama would appreciate it if you called her. I bet. And your family would appreciate soup.

    Denise- Soup always helps.

    Invisigal- I probably shouldn't have linked it. But I think it was very, very much worth reading, even in its painful honestly.

  8. I so hope you don't get sick! I will be thinking good.things for you. sweet Jo

  9. Yes -- that article was outrageously powerful. It's haunted me for days.

  10. Sweet Jo- Well, I don't know what I have. Whether it's all in my mind or in my body alone but whatever it is, it's taking its toll.

    Elizabeth- That's it. That article was powerful as hell.

  11. Reading is such a great thing--a good way to pass time being enlightened.

  12. The story about the baby is sad. I don't know how anyone gets through such a thing.


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