Sunday, November 24, 2013

Quietly Screaming

We slept nine hours last night, boom! Done! The boys are coming over in about half an hour and will expect pancakes and bacon and the sky is mottled and it's windy and chilly and in two days we are having that darn party and I HAVEN'T BOUGHT ANY TWINKLE LIGHTS AND I NEED SOME.
Oh wait. I can go rob some of the actual Christmas stash.
Because you know, cleanliness may be next to godliness and god knows I need to do more cleaning but LIGHT IS NEXT TO LOVE AND THEY ARE WHAT MATTER.
Or something like that.
Candles and twinkle lights. Oysters and beer. Tortellini and salad and bread and chips and salsa and cheese and crackers and here I am, making my list.
I did buy one cheese at the Costco. A brie the size of a wagon wheel or a Honda tire.
One. Brie. It cost like seven dollars. How could I pass that up?
Anyway, first the pancakes and bacon. Why do I talk about food so much?
Food and love and light and maybe music and it's chilly and windy and oh yes, I told you that, and good morning. It's Sunday. There is so much to do and Jessie and Vergil will be here tomorrow night and Lon and Lis are going to be in town and Lis wants us all to go play trivia with Hank which starts at 10:00 PM ON A MONDAY NIGHT and can you imagine?

The games will now begin.


  1. Oh, have fun. I'm digging out some twinkly lights today, because light is next to love. I'm still not adjusted to the dark evening hours, but some lights and candles are just what I need to make it better.

    And if you are up way past 10, you are an official party animal! Have fun.

  2. I want twinkly lights up RIGHT. NOW. Thank you for the inspiration. And Twinkly Lights are so Much More better than a spotless house. More Better is yes it is perfect.xlx

  3. Mel- Last night I swear, we were dead asleep before ten p.m.

    Sylvia- Girl, I'm trying.

    Short Poems- Hello and welcome and thanks for taking the time to comment!

    Madame Rebecca- With twinkly lights the dust is not so visible. This I believe.

  4. A big day ahead. Hope that you have a good day and find those twinkly lights.

  5. How could it possibly be time for holiday festivities? I'm not ready for any of it.


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