Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Well, we played trivia. Our team was too big to actually compete for the prize (bar tab) but we still came in third. We named our team, "Tanked for Hank!" and it was a good night for Hank. The bar was packed. Hank's trivia is awesome. He has the most interesting categories. Team Tanked for Hank! rocked the drug-name section and the famous duet section.
Should I be embarrassed to know so much about the names of commonly used recreational drugs?
Oh well.
We got home in the wee hours. Well, Lon and Lis and Glen and I. You know, the "adults." We walked into the kitchen to discover that Greta, who is obviously in her middle-school years, had TP'ed the house. As in decorated with shredded rolls of toilet paper. Approximately eight rolls of toilet paper.
Oh Greta. No longer are you Greta The Good. Now you are Greta The In The Doghouse.
She didn't seem in the least bit ashamed and we asked Buster and Dolly why they had allowed such behavior and they were mystified as to why she had done it and had no excuses either.
They plead blindness.
No one was punished.

We got to bed around two-thirty which is not a bedtime for me but I slept well and woke up to rain, rain, rain. The weather report was not good. For all hours of the day and night it goes like, "Rain with thunderstorms likely. Some thunderstorms may be severe with gusty winds."
Here's what the radar looked like:

I canceled the party. I made phone calls, texted, put up a Facebook notice. Then the power went out. It was out for hours, as noted by my previous abbreviated post. I went back to bed. So did Jessie and Vergil. Now the power is back on and it's not raining but the wind is gusting and I'm not going to second-guess myself on the cancellation.
The family will still probably come together and that'll be good. It won't be like usual-times but it'll be what it'll be.

This is a very strange day and I feel like my skin has been taken off and rubbed raw and put back back on but it doesn't really fit right now and it's just a very, very strange day in Lloyd, two days before Thanksgiving, 2013.


  1. It is a good day to crawl back into bed and read a book. And nap.

  2. Ah, the toilet paper caper! We have friends whose dog CANNOT resist the toilet paper. It stays on the back of the toilet. Never goes on its dispenser. And it's such a lovely little powder room too.
    We've been extremely lucky in these parts so far, weather wise.
    I'm sure we'll get our comeuppance in due course.
    Bundle up!

  3. Although I'll miss seeing the usual crowd, cancelling tonight's party really was a good idea. It's raining again now and not being on the road to Lloyd sounds right. Love to all and let's plan a Jezebel party after the holiday madness had ended.
    Cheers to the trivia team!
    Love, Jan

  4. Aw, dang. I'm sorry to hear about the weather and the party cancellation.

    It's turning gray here as I type. Nothing big expected, but I have hosed off my patio set with the hope of it drying so it can be brought indoors on Thanksgiving.

    Gosh. All that food. Maybe Greta could invite friends over. : /

    Stay warm and safe!

  5. I am sorry to hear about the party cancellation, but I sure hope you guys muster some fun together. I imagine that you will.

  6. I think it is better tho I know the party attendees are probably disappointed - well those that wanted to brave the weather. You have been doing so much and there is only so much one can do really. So party with the family and take it easy. Funny, I too thought of the cheese wheel...Sweet Jo

  7. Why do dogs love toilet paper so much? It's a mystery. We lock ours away in a cabinet.

    Here's hoping you find a way to be Thankful despite the weird weather and TP'd house and ill-fitting skin. :)

  8. I always love it when my family comes to trivia. I try to show off when you do.


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