Sunday, November 17, 2013

Another Sunday

Arsenic and Old Lace was fabulous last night. My friend Judy did a spectacular job of directing and the set was perfect and the actors inhabited their roles as nicely and as believably as they did their fantastic costumes.
I got to sit with Kathleen and Rich, old friends whom I don't see very often, and it was a good time but I was exhausted by the time I got home. I brushed my teeth and took the dogs out and got in the bed and slept as deeply as I've slept in forever.
It was a good night out.
Two in one week.
And tonight, another.

It's dripping and gray here today and it seems as if it has been eternally dripping and gray although I am sure that's not true. I got a text from Lis a little after eight for me to please call her when I got up and I was already up so I did call her and she is in a very hard place. She's in Monticello because tonight's event at the Opera House is a project of hers which she has worked so hard to bring to fruition. It's a fund-raiser for the old building and she's brought in Peter Rowen who played with Bill Monroe and who is a very famous musician and a Tibetan woman named Yungchen Lhamo who is some sort of world-famous vocalist to perform and she drove over last night to make sure that everything is perfect for the artists and for the performers. The pre-concert catering, the hospitality food for the performers, flowers and candles for the dressing rooms...
No one can do this sort of thing like Lis for whom graciousness is breath.
Sometimes life just gets too complicated, doesn't it?
Lis and Lon have had a beautiful black lab for years. His name is Buck and recently he was diagnosed with a terminal illness and the vet recommended that they get him in a treatment study which they did, but it hasn't saved their dog and he is dying and Lon, who stayed behind at Gatorbone with Buck is beside himself with grief and today is the day he will be getting his last shot and Lis has to go home to be with her husband so that they can say good-bye to Buck together, lay his body to rest in the dirt of their beloved Gatorbone.
As many times as I have wished that my dogs would trip the rainbow to go see Jesus, I understand this deep and abiding love humans can have for a true dog companion. I understand the deep sorrow of saying goodbye.
So Lis needed a little help with some food and her sister-in-law and niece are doing most of it but I'm going to make a little food to drop off for the musicians on our way in to go to the gala tonight.

I say "we" in hopes that my husband will be returning in time. I think he will be.

So a bit of a strange day. A sadness, thinking of that beautiful animal who has been such a constant and dear and loving and intelligent companion to two people whom I love so fiercely. This is the sort of dog to whom Lis could say, "Go get the boy for lunch," and Buck would trot over to Lon's workshop and notify him that lunch was ready and they would frisk back down the wooded path to the house together. His coat was the sleekest, blackest coat you've ever seen and no dog was ever loved more or better. He was a very fine dog and it says everything that Lis, the consummate professional, would know without a doubt that she has to go home to be with her husband on this day.

So. I need to tidy up this house which for some reason is not as neat and clean as you'd think it would be, having been occupied only by me for a week. There is trash to take and laundry to do and food to make and a husband to welcome home and love to send to Lon and Lis, and to Buck.
A very fine dog whom will be so grievously missed by the humans who have loved him so deeply and so well, every bit of that love returned and doubled as only the finest dogs can do.


  1. I am sorry to Lis and hers. I had to put down my cat of 20 years recently and it broke my heart. Some animals are pure love. It shows the kind of friendship you have that Lis can ask you for such help and you readily give it. I am glad Mr Moon will be returning home too as I know it has been hard for you to feel abandoned even though you knew you weren't. Love Sweet Jo

  2. Sometimes pets can matter to people more than people do, so I never underestimate how important something like this is. There aren't proper ceremonies for saying goodbye to animals, sadly. A ceremony can help.

  3. Sweet Jo- I am sorry about your cat. We do form special bonds with some animals and I know it. I have done that myself. And it was so very hard when they left. I'm glad my husband is returning too. I am getting too used to eating crackers for meals.

    Jenny Woolf- I bet that Lon and Lis will have a ceremony for Buck. I'd bet anything on that.

  4. My Dear Mary Moon,
    Thank you so much for the kind and so very true words about our Buckyboy.
    He has left a big hole...
    Much love from his man,

  5. Dearest Lon- You and Lis are in my heart so completely that there is little room left for anything else right now.
    You loved him better than anyone else on this earth could have. Bucky is okay now but you, my sweet dear friend- well, I know you ache so badly.

  6. I'm sorry to hear this, and I just love the way you've written of this deep and abiding love your dear friends have for their beautiful dog. I know they are comforted by your words.

  7. Elizabeth- Buck was so obviously a special dog. If you'd have known him, you would have loved him too.

  8. Sad about Buck. A much loved dog is like a child in many ways. They really give us unconditional love. I grieve over each one that I have lost. Thoughts to the passing of Buck and to those who loved him.

  9. Syd- I am sure that Lon and Lis will read your words. Thank you.


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