Tuesday, November 12, 2013

So Much To Do

I'm still doing the Time Change math which makes me a complete and utter slob and lazy ass. I didn't get out of bed until eight this morning which is really nine and if sleep was a competitive sport, Wheaties would be breaking down my door to get me to sign a contract.

And wouldn't that be cool?


Well, I've never done a damn thing that would be considered worth payment (with the possible exception of certain physical activities in my younger years and of course, I did those for free) and I doubt I'll start doing anything of monetary value any time soon either.

Are we tired of the Woe Is Me thing yet?

Well, I have a full day of possible activities in front of me including taking the trash and calling The Dish Network to see if we can figure out why our signal keeps going out. I have a feeling it's branches getting in the way of the dish but I told Mr. Moon I'd try. If it IS branches, this will entail hiring a guy with a bucket truck to remedy. Life is not easy in Lloyd. Never has been. People used to have to till the soil and chop their own firewood and make their own lye soap and raise and butcher their own meat and now (the horror!) we have to hire someone with a bucket truck so that our satellite TV will come in properly.

And maybe I'll be going to Monticello. I found a full jar of the Hollywood Beauty Body Butter in Mr. Moon's bathroom cabinet so I don't have that as an excuse but I do desperately need some dog shampoo.

Jesus Christ I have the most boring life on the planet.

Time to let the chickens out!

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I couldn't get up this morning either, damn it. Make resolution. Break it. Re-make resolution. Break it. Repeat. Yeah. But so far today, I've fed the cat and read your blog. Hooooray!

  2. I woke up too early this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. Oh, well. I can have a nap.

  3. Stay in bed! Go to Monticello or do not go! Didn't Vonnegut say we are here to fart around? I use that as license. Good morning, Ms. Moon.

  4. Denise- I am honored! I don't even bother to make resolutions anymore. I just vaguely wonder why I keep making the same mistakes and never do anything about that.

    Birdie- The idea of a nap is what frequently gets me out of bed.

    Ms. Vesuvius- If dear Kurt was correct, then I am a Champion Human Being. Good morning to you!

  5. Just don't take it out on those poor chickens.

  6. "The idea of a nap is what frequently gets me out of bed."


  7. It is 9 am here and I am still in bed. That should make you feel alot better. i have to get up and work and my cat is pacing around the bed telling me to get the f up, I'm hungry. Every day I vow to be more productive than the day before and about every 3rd or 4th day I am. I get done what I have to, I can say that. It is fuuny, I want to live a full life and not waste time so when life comes to an end I won't have regrets. I wonder if I can catch up with so any I already have? I've depressed myself but I will get out of this bed - soon. Sweet Jo

  8. Today I went to the vet and the social welfare office. I folded some laundry and did a wash. I contemplated sleeping quite a lot and read some of Water for Elephants. Um. That was it, really. You do not have the most boring life in the world.

  9. I do think they should put your picture on the Wheaties box.
    Maybe holding a chicken.

  10. You are especially funny in this post. If sleep were a sport.....LOL.


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