Sunday, November 10, 2013

And Here There Is Enough For All And Then More

This was the scene in my kitchen at about nine a.m. Sweet potato/apple/banana/pecan pancakes and bacon.
Plenty of bacon.
Which made everyone very happy, as you can tell.

We had a good time with those boys. Last night was terrific. Boppy and Owen made the fire and it was a roaring good one, snapping and sparking until it burned down to good coals. They cooked steaks and sweet potatoes for us while Gibson and I made green beans and sliced up the bread. We all ate like beasts and Owen proclaimed himself to be a Steak Monster. He has just truly realized that meat comes from animals and after a short bout of internal ethical debate, he's cool with that. For now, at least.
After supper there were baths and wrapping up in towels and then pajamas and we let them play for a little while to get some ya-ya's out. Gibson had only had about a fifteen minute nap all I day and I knew he was tired. I'd watched him fade and rally at least five times over the course of the evening. His last burst of energy came when he and Owen and I laid down on the bed to watch Tarzan. He wiggled and bounced all over the bed. He was a jumping bean, a boy-determined-not-to-sleep. Finally I said, "Enough of this," and took him to the Pack'n'Play where I deposited him with his blanky, his stuffed manatee, his bear who plays sweet soft music. I laid down on the bed beside his bed and he fussed for a moment or two and then he laid down on top of the manatee, the bear by his side, and he was asleep in the blink of an eye.

I slept with Owen, and Boppy slept in the room with Gibson. Good move on my part! Owen slept like a cool, still stone while Gibson woke up at three and Boppy took him into his bed where he flung himself about for the rest of the night and finally sat up at 6:45 and was truly awake.
Mr. Moon is moving slowly today, let me just say.

The parents have come to collect their guys and it's Sunday morning and it'll probably take us all day to recover but that's okay. It all worked out very well and not once did the boys ask for their parents. They feel completely happy and safe here, although Gibson did dive for his mama's breast as soon as she picked him up.

I am so grateful for the fact that they are so at home here. I am so grateful for the safety and love we can provide and the fun as well.

I keep thinking about the possible 10,000 dead in the Philippines and I realize how very tenuous life can be. I can't even comprehend it. My heart stills at the thought of what the aftermath must look like, smell like, feel like for those who did survive.

I have no words.

It is Sunday. We are here.
What a fucking miracle.


  1. Yes. We're so here. Even with bacon.

  2. Mary hi. Hi. I am on zero. There is no rally in me. I wanted to tell you how I adore reading about your grandchildren seeing them watching them grow and how I want one or two or three of my own but that of course is not my decision and lord knows I couldn't afford to shower them with goodness but reading here is the second best thing. Your recording of their days imagine how they will love to read this when they are older. I have no mementos of my childhood nothing and it is a thing that saddens me at times unexpectedly. You are a fine diarist and you are saving the best of the best the day to day and we get to enjoy it with you and people can say what they want about the internet but this is miraculous indeed. Thank you.

  3. Elizabeth- Especially with bacon. And I am so glad you are here.

    Madame Rebecca- I often wonder if this blog will still be around in any form when the boys are old enough to read it and see what they were like when they were young. How odd to think either way- that it will or it won't.
    I think that if you did have grandchildren you would definitely be able to shower goodness on them. You would take them to see the salmon and you would play music for them and dance with them and read them books and those are the goodnesses. Oh my god! What a blessed thing it would be to be your grandchild! That is what I think, anyway.

  4. Ms. Moon, i think you should periodically print your blog in book form to ensure that it will be around for your grandsons because oh my goodness, the riches here are immeasurable. i love that photo of your men enjoying the bacon! their smiles just about burst through the screen. such a happy picture.

  5. I sure am missing my nephew boys, and my niece girls, and those morning-after-a-sleepover cuddles and pancakes. Owen and Gibson (and Boppy!) look like very happy boys, and you sound like a happy Mer, which I love.

  6. Indeed. How lucky we all are. And you are espcially lucky to have your grandchildren close by.

  7. I'm reminded that I am selfishly glad that those kids didn't move away to the other side of the state. I know it was sad for them in a way, but thank goodness you and Boppy still have those babies close by. And all of us reap the rewards.

    I am pretty sure that if you just posted pictures of Gibson all day long it'd be enough for me for awhile. I just cannot get over the expression he makes when he generates that huge smile.

  8. Angella- I do sort of wish I had a hard copy but I'd probably have to rent a warehouse to store it all in. Those boys WERE happy with their bacon and pancakes. It was a mighty fine morning.

    SJ- I WAS in a good mood. Probably mostly because I slept with Owen who is such a good sleeper. Poor Boppy.

    Denise- I sure do know it, too.

    Jill- Can you imagine the depths of my depression if they had moved? God. Gibson is hysterical. I should shoot more video of him because he's so animated.

  9. So many dead. Terrible. Hard to comprehend what to do and how the living will stay alive.


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