Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Some Links With Definitely Good Advice And Clear Explanations

I got a C- at grandmothering today and Owen was so bored he fell asleep and Gibson was so...something...he never did and I just followed them around and when they'd yell, "MerMer!" I'd say, "Yes, what? I'm right here. Snacks? Juice? What? Yes. I am Superman. You are Batman. Gibson is Spider Man. Yes. Yes. Yes."
Like that.
Owen and I tried to play a Dr. Seuss matching game which was a huge failure. HUGE.

My white bean chili is white bean soup.

I'm tired. My pain that I thought maybe just maybe I'd found an answer for in the form of CoQ 10 because my pain levels over the past few days had decreased dramatically since I started taking it, came back and I realized that my damn fatigue is mostly just from pain but I'm going to increase the dose to what is recommended on the bottle and see if that helps.
Please. That's a prayer.

I really have nothing to offer tonight but if you have not read Elizabeth's post, please trot right over there and do it. She's talking about the ACA and if you're in the least bit confused, let her straighten you out with her pragmatism, her research, her link, her usual excellent good sense and above all, EXPERIENCE!

You will find that right here

And here's another link to a blog post by Matt Haig because he's awesome (well, probably) and because it might make you laugh or it might make you drink half a bottle of gin or it might make you WRITE.

That's enough. I'm going to go make a salad. I wonder if I can fuck that up too.

Tomorrow is another day, y'all.

See you then.


  1. I bet Owen and Gibson gave you an A. I think pain made you grade yourself too harshly. I hope the cloud of it eases by tomorrow. Hugs, sweet friend.

  2. I am sure Owen was not bored but just tired. Likely a growth spurt.

  3. Pain makes everything seem worse. I know relying on pain meds is not the answer and I know your distaste or worse about seeing a dr but I wish for more of a continual relief for you. Do you know the source of pain? Is it like arthritis? Am I annoying you with my questions? I care. I wish you a pain free body. Caring Jo

  4. Fatigue and pain are nasty bitches. I'm going to bed now and I hope I dream I'm 25.

  5. I'm just going to follow the thread and say, "I am 25."

    In all seriousness, I've had a low-grade headache for days, now, and have been uncharacteristically popping Advil once a day. I don't know what the hell is going on, but I don't like it.

  6. I'm also an achy mess lately and I could just cry about it.
    I read both links and thank you. It baffles me about the universal health care situation down there, but that's because I'm Canadian. I totally get about 98% of that writing list too. (I've never been a big fan of gin.) heehee!

  7. OK, since you sweetly thanked me for catching your exchange of "candor" for "rancor" recently, I'll assume you don't mind my pointing out that, a few posts ago, you referred to the singer in the church next door as "whaling"? And I suppose Captain Ahab and Ishmael go out wailing?

  8. I have bronchitis which is a bitch right now. Not a time to be sick. But having chronic nagging pain is really a terrible thing. I hope that can be remedied. Will check the links.

    Wrote a little note to you on my blog about going to see Sweet Summer Sun:Rolling Stones live at Hyde Park. It was awesome! Hope that you get to see it on the big screen. Definitely worth it.

  9. Angella- The best I can say for my grandmothering yesterday was that I kept my voice low and sweet. And that was about as good as it was going to get.

    Birdie- He got on my bed to watch some things on my iPad and he just...drifted away. I think it's that magical bed.

    Caring Jo- I have to believe that it's some sort of inflammatory process. I'm about to self-diagnose myself with fibromyalgia or something. I may have to actually go to a doctor. This is getting ridiculous.

    Denise- I can't even REMEMBER being 25.

    Elizabeth- Atmospheric pressure? Hormones? Go see Dr. Jin!

    heartinhand- Drinking something you don't even like would be a writerly thing to do, I believe. God, I wish we had universal healthcare. Why are we so stubborn about this here?

    Anonymous- I don't even know what to say except that I guess this is why writers need editors.

    Syd- Already commented on your post! Thanks for the shout-out. Now get well.

  10. Thanks for the links; they were great!

  11. Lord, I could never pretend to like some of the games I had to play when they were little!

    Thanks so much for the links, the Matt Haig one really cracked me up, and I loved Elizabeth's post.

    Hope something works for you too, I'm in the same boat: pain means no sleep, or is it no sleep means pain. Yes. It sure sucks to get old.

    For some reason, my blogger feed is running almost a day behind for you, and I forgot to check, so I'm in arrears on reading and commenting. I've been farting around on the internet for days, my ass is forming fitting to this bar stool.


  12. Nancy- Thank you for coming around and thank you for taking the time to check in. Seriously.

    Mel- What feed are you using? Anyway, so what if you're behind? Nothing over here ever changes much so it's okay. I'm always just glad to hear from you.
    As to the pain and sleep- I can usually sleep pretty well. If I'm lying down, the pain is minimal. But it never seems to be very good sleep. Not sure what that's all about.

  13. I just found this I think I might try - I know I need magnesium and this may be a good answer:


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