Friday, November 15, 2013

Update On My Day

I have washed the dogs. Can cutting my toenails be far behind?


  1. I would say the possibilities are endless!

  2. Ha! Well, I cut my own toenails the other night during a commercial break for Twister :)

  3. One of my dogs fell in the pool, does that count as washing?

  4. Jill- I know! I could have PAINTED my toenails. And yet, I did not.

    SJ- Ha!

    The Bug- We all have to do it at some point.

    Gail- Fuck yes. Of course.

  5. My dog needs washing too. I noticed that she smelled like wet dog when I brought her inside the cabin on the boat.

  6. I should bathe my dog but she's blowing her coat so bad, surely the hair would clog every pipe in the house. There's a self serve dog wash thing at the pet store that reminds me of the bath houses of yesteryear. We area pathetic society when you think about it, really.


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