Friday, November 15, 2013

The outside matches the inside today.
Gray and chilly and raining but not enough rain to actually do any good and at least I did walk down to the Post Office where the Esquire magazine was indeed waiting and so there's that.
There is most certainly that.


  1. Gray and chilly, with one bright lovely Moon shining (that's you - if not now, then when you're feeling better)...

  2. sometimes gray and chilly and drizzly is a relief, especially when the day's walk is behind you and you can curl up inside with your preferred reading material.

  3. The Bug- Thanks, honey. Yes, the moon will shine again at some point. I know it will.

    Angella- And isn't that the truth? It is a relief sometimes when the weather matches the mood.
    (I read Esquire and one article in particular tugged my heart right out of its socket. Phew.)

  4. Sounds like a successful day--I didn't do much walking today. But did do a good bit yesterday. The gale force winds were exciting.


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