Thursday, November 28, 2013

And Here We Are

It is cloudless and blue and crisp and cold and beautiful and I am trying to wake up and why, why, WHY did I have that last beer last night? Oh, Lord. The holidays are trying times and as far as I can tell, we are our own biggest enemies.
Well, speaking for myself.

I had a wonderful time though. I danced with May and Jessie and Melissa and Lucia and Karen. The ladies, we danced. The mothers and the daughters, we danced.

And now it's time to slice and saute the celery and onions, to make stuffing for the bird and to get that thing in the oven. It's time to cut greens from the garden, to chop them and set them to simmer for the day. It is time to start the chaos which will, inevitably end with everyone being fed and let's not forget the biscuits and let's not forget the sweet potatoes and let's not forget to just be thankful (and even if we're mostly thankful that this time of year rolls around but once a year) and I am.

And for you.


Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Yesterday I told my husband all I wanted to do was get drunk and watch netflix. After half a beer I had a headache so that went out the window. The holidays are complicated, aren't they? Happy Thanksgiving, Ms. Moon. I am thankful for you.

  2. I am also thankful to have found you!
    Have a wonderful day with loved ones.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving lovely Mary Moon! Much gratitude to you for sharing all you do and giving us a glimpse into your life each day. Sweet Jo

  4. Lovely Mary I'm simplifying the holidays. I decided against the fruit salad and the biscuits and the gravy. Anything that involves anyone going to the store. I'm going to watch the salmon in the creek and I'm going to continue to feed the prostitutes when I can and honestly I think it's enough it's just enough. Love to you and yours.

  5. Ms. Vesuvius- Ha! I just told Jessie that all I want to do today is watch Rolling Stone videos. I'm pretty sure that won't be happening.

    Sylvia- Thank you so much. I am glad you've found us too.

    Sweet Jo- You are precious to me. Always.

    Madame Rebecca- Sounds perfect. We always have too, too much and I will never learn. One year I think we may all have our own individual Swanson Frozen Turkey Pot Pie for Thanksgiving. That sounds about right to me. You are doing the work of Jesus and the Animal Gods today. Tending the fish and feeding those whose spirits need feeding. And bellies.

  6. Happy turkey day dear Mary Moon. I am so grateful to call you my friend.

  7. Hope you had a happy day - I am thankful for pumpkin pie, and the fact that my son LOVES it and is grateful for the miracle that is pumpkin pie and my ability to make it. Bless him.

  8. I am thankful for the plain roll from the bag I just scrounged up and ate, and I am thankful for your blog, Ms. Moon. I love reading it and I love gluten. Both relax me.

    The restaurant I ate at for Thanksgiving had wonderful prime rib, but the conversation sucked. I am sure the conversation at your house was much more entertaining.

  9. Dear Mary-

    Today I am grateful for many friends and a good house and good food and the opportunity to experience the green and lovely world. Today.

    And I am grateful for your warm and loving heart.

    XXXX Beth

  10. Ellen Abbott- Probably same-same was going on everywhere.

    Angella- And I am SO grateful to have you as a friend. You really have no idea. Or maybe you do. I hope so.

    Jo- Pumpkin pie is Vergil's favorite. He took the rest of the giant one I bought from Costco home. It's a good pie.

    Nicol- It's the conversation before and after that is the best. I think you would have enjoyed that.

    Beth Coyote- And yours. I feel so honored to know you. I love how we find each other and form these bonds. Some days, they are what sustains me. I mean that.

  11. Yes, we did all that too. Our backs were tired from all of the slicing and dicing. But we are happy.


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