Friday, August 16, 2013

Will I Dare To Eat A Peach?

I woke up this morning and made my way to my bathroom where for some strange reason, I heard water running. No. Not running. Spraying. A large volume of water. In my grogginess, I thought, "Jesus! Did I leave my shower running last night?" But no, of course not. The water was spewing forth from my toilet tank so I found my glasses and shut the water off at the wall and my project for the day will be washing and drying rugs and towels. I am SO grateful that we did not go to the island because I had no one to house sit and our neighbor would have just come over to feed the animals and probably never discovered that leak and half the house would have been flooded by the time we got back.

After I'd done some preliminary mopping up with towels and taken my first load of rugs to the washer, I went out to the porch to find the early morning light doing beautiful things in the backyard.

The top picture is of the illuminated orange-red berries on the cone of the Ashe Magnolia and the bottom picture is just shadows and light and if you click on it, you might see the dew-bedazzled spider web hanging there. 

So I was thinking that I'd take a lovely walk but before I got my loins girded for that, it began to thunder to the southeast and now it's raining so no walk today. I did take my trash and recycle so yeah, I've pretty much done a day's work. 

Mr. Moon and I talked to Mrs. Jessie on the phone last night and because she is Jessie and the boss of us all, she told both of us that we must go out on a date tonight. We have been given the word, y'all. And we're supposed to dress-up. I love being given marital advice from my five-months married daughter but she's right. We need to do that, Mr. Moon and I. We used to go out every Friday night of the year unless Christmas fell on a Friday and if it did, I was pissed because I loved those dates. I looked forward to them all week long. And they're probably why my husband and I have been married for almost 29 years now. We'd get dressed up and I'd wear my hair down and put on my arm-full of silver bracelets and we'd go have drinks and dinner and then sometimes we'd dance and we'd be foolish and teenagerish and it was so much fun. We had that one window during the week where we weren't Mom and Dad, we were simply Mary and Glen and sometimes we rode in the convertible and sometimes we didn't but we always felt young again, free(ish) again, and to a certain extent, beautiful. It was a weekly reminder of WHY we were married, why we were parents, and a renewal of that lusty bond which had brought us together in the first place. 

Ah. Sigh....

And now we're so much older and lazier and it's just so much easier to have a porch martini and a supper right here but sometimes, well, it IS a good idea to go to the trouble to dress up, to put on the silver jewelry, the sparkly eye-shadow, to let someone else mix the drink, cook the supper, clean up. And so, because it's a good thing and mostly because Jessie ordered us, we will do that tonight, I think. As I told Mr. Moon a few weeks ago, if I had thought it difficult to transform myself from Mother into Girlfriend, it is infinitely harder to go from being Grandmother to Girlfriend. I mean...think about it. It almost seems absurd, especially within the confines and definitions of our culture but shitfire! Boppy and MerMer are still Glen and Mary and although it's incredibly easy to just lay back on our heels and accept the roles of grandmother and grandfather which are precious and wonderful, I think that while we're still capable of making the effort, we probably should. 
Now and then at least. 

The rain has subsided and I should put my walking clothes BACK on and get my ass out there. We shall see. We shall see what this day holds. Already it's held a spewing toilet, a sudden rainstorm, sunlight shining on leaves, the sweet peeping of B.B. in the chicken coop as she scratches and eats with her mama, the constant running of the washer and dryer, the throaty croak of a grateful frog, the mournful cry of a dove. 

I hope it's a good day for all of you.

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You and Glen are the models for marriage. Honestly, you are, so I imagine Jesse knows what she's talking about.

  2. The water is spewing everywhere for me today -- even just metaphorically. TGIF.

  3. The confines of our culture......arrrrgh. Rip 'em off, I say. Wear the lipstick and the silver. Go on down to the Mermaid Cafe and buy you a bottle of wine--to paraphrase Joni.

  4. i shall raise a pint to both boppy and mer-mer as well as glen and mary-


  5. I hope that you do go out. We are cooking Thai tonight at home. It's been raining for two days and it will take the pick up to get out our one mile long lane. A nice evening at home is good too.

  6. Oh, it was meant to be that you stayed home then, to catch the leak.

    Your date night mandate made me wistful for one myself. It's a lot easier to fall into a rut than it is to stay out of one. I'll have to wake my husband up from his nap to remind him of that :)

    Have a great Friday, and thanks for the pictures and the suggestion.

  7. You're so right, It's great to get out, and so easy not to. And I am always glad I did.

    Spewing toilet. I could do without that though :)

  8. There's something about the dressing up part of date night that makes it a real date night for me...Getting out of the mom uniform is important.
    Have SO much fun.

  9. don't take your beautiful marriage for granted... I've been married 29 years also ... we barely talk ~ live separately. We should have been divorced at least 20 years ago.

    Soooo envious of good relationships... seems to have escaped me. poor ol thing.

    An arm full of bracelets... get it on

  10. Now THAT is a busy morning. Sheesh! What caused the toilet to explode? I don't like to think that it's even possible for a toilet to rupture in the middle of the night.

    Bravo for date night. Actually, you've inspired me to think that maybe Dave and I should go out for martinis this evening...

  11. Wise words about relationships... And magic in your garden. Magic all around!

  12. Elizabeth- Well, she saw the date-night thing work well for many years but THINGS HAVE CHANGED since she left. (We got old.) Bless her heart. She will always be the boss of us.

    SJ- I hope you got that water capped off. Jeez. Even metaphorically.

    Denise- I wish we did have a Mermaid Cafe. God, that's a great song.

    Mrs. A- Thank you, sweet woman.

    Syd- A nice evening at home is the nicest for me now.

    Mel- I have done it and now I don't need to do it again for awhile. Sigh.

    Jenny Woolf- I'm not sure it WAS worth it but it sure made coming home pleasant.

    Lisa - I think that the getting ready part is the best part. Seriously.

    Carolyn- I never for a minute take my marriage for granted. I know how lucky I am.

    Steve Reed- Don't ask me what made the toilet do that. I swear to you- I didn't do a damn thing to it that one should not do to a toilet.
    I hope you did go get martinis.

    Photocat- Well, there's magic and then there's magic.


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