Friday, August 16, 2013

Why is he still so handsome after all these years? This is in the bar where he first laid loving eyes on me although it has since changed hands. It used to be our redneck neighborhood bar and now it's a hipster tiki bar. We had a drink there after dinner. 

Now we're home and it's raining gently and I'm just so glad to be here. 

I either have to get more practice with this going-out thing or give it up entirely. 

You can dress her up, you can take her out. 
But she's still MerMer these days. 



  1. Love these pictures! good looking both of you ;)

  2. You and Mr. Moon are a wonderful couple and glad to see you guys getting out to have some fun. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  3. You're about the prettiest MerMer I've ever seen. You might even be the prettiest lady I've ever seen.

    (And no man as good-looking as Mr. Moon would be going out with a woman who wasn't the most beautiful Mer Mer on the planet)

  4. How can you stand being so pretty? MerMer, Mary, who cares? I am quite sure it makes not an ounce of difference to your handsome Mr. Moon. More practice and new glasses if you can't see what we see. Sweet Jo

  5. You look great, MerMer! I wish we had a hipster tiki bar. Actually, we probably do, but I have no idea where it is.

  6. Nice that you went out. Both of you love each other deeply. That's awesome and precious.

    Still raining here. We are growing mushrooms in the garden.

  7. You're both gorgeous. That's a beautiful photo of you. Totally beautiful.

    And Mary, it's ok to stay home. Sometimes coming in is the best part of going out.

  8. After making a concerted effort to 'go out' more, I finally gave it up.

  9. Girl, you still got it going on.
    Have you looked at those eyes, those lips, the hair? I know how it feels looking in the mirror and remembering what it used to look like. Time to start looking with different eyes I guess.

  10. Angella- At least half of us is.

    Carolyn- I seem to be on a self-portrait posting jag. I have no idea why.

    Mr. Shife- I'm trying. Thanks.

    Elizabeth- Sigh. He has no choice at this point. Well, he could leave me for a twenty-seven year old, I suppose but he had better training than that.

    Sweet Jo- I do need new glasses and that's no joke. I sure wish I felt pretty. Thanks for saying I am.

    Steve Reed- Google that shit. You'll find it.

    Syd- Let's hope this is doing something real good for the rivers and aquifers. Mushrooms abounding here too.
    And yes, it is precious to have someone to love for the long-run.

    Jo- Amen, sister. On the coming-home and staying-in part.

    Ellen Abbott- I believe I am there too.

    Yobobe- My eyes get worse every day. This is actually helpful in some situations.
    You're precious. Thank you.


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