Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Sense Of Place

 Lloyd is lovely this morning and the smell of Chanel No. 5 lingers still here on the back porch where the container in which the volcano occurred is "airing out" and somehow, those two things go together. 

A ginger lily which Kathleen gave me.
Can you see the dragonfly out on the leaf?

Hens scratching under banana plants. Chickens are the best weeders you could ever want and they fertilize as they go. 
I do so love my chickens. 

Not a good picture but the best I've been able to accomplish so far. Mrs. Baby and her baby. We have yet to name this creature. I am a little bit afraid to although she seems hardy and sturdy enough. I hate keeping them penned in, especially as Baby is such a half-wild thing but if we let them out, I know without a doubt that a hawk would get that child and I can't bear the thought. I want her or him to grow up to be a big strong banty-Elvis hybrid. If Elvis is the daddy, of course, and so far there is no way of knowing. Even if Elvis is not the daddy, I want that baby to live. 

Spanish moss. Just because.

Light. The morning kind. 

How fortunate I am to live here. How amazing to me, even after nine years, that I am able to call this place home.


  1. Awh...home sweet home! It's wonderful you are content with where you live. I'm still searching for a place that is country/city. Closet city is Charlotte. Cost of living is higher there so I have to just settle for the "country".for now. Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  2. Those trees in that light, the moss hanging off them like necklaces, the flowers like nature's jewels beneath, it's a magical realm indeed. Your trees always makes me think that if nature had cathedrals they would look like this. Good morning!

  3. It is lovely and amazing.
    Lucky Girl!

  4. I have some of that ginger but mine doesn't bloom as well. I don't know if they don't get enough sun or water or both. It is hot and dry here.

  5. I moseyed over to your blog from a comment you made elsewhere and was greeted with the wonderful hen party picture! It looks like they posed themselves, after artfully arranging the watermelon slices :-)

  6. I wish my neighbor appreciated that the stray chicken does his weeding for him. I get the stink eye every time he sees me feeding her. I will not stop though, I wish I had a place to have more.

  7. Angie- I know how incredibly remarkable it is to feel at home where I live. I do not take it for granted. Not for one second.

    Angella- I think that nature does have cathedrals and I am so lucky to live beneath their rising beams.

    Yobobe- You know it and so do I.

    Ellen Abbott- I am quite shocked that this one bloomed. So many of mine do not.

    rebeccalyr- That was just a very lucky shot of something that happened. But then again, my chickens are very photogenic.

    Gail- You get good karma points for feeding a chicken. Or so I believe, anyway.

  8. Nothing like that early morning light. And home is where I am glad to come back to.


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