Sunday, August 11, 2013

Just A Report Of My Day Which Is Pretty Damn Boring

The beach ball and the stickers were a big hit. Owen sat down with the stickers and some paper and transferred every one to the paper. He was diligent!

And I held his brother and read the paper and we spent an extremely pleasant half an hour this morning doing that. I'm not really sure what stickers are all about but for an almost-four-year old boy, it seems to be all about moving them from one place to another and that was a dollar well spent. 
I know I'm the boy's grandmother but golly, I think he's beautiful. 

Gibson was as bright and cheerful and happy today as a child could possibly be. Here's a picture I sent his mother.

I texted her something like, "Too bad he's so miserable at Mermer's house."

Then I sent her this one.

As you can see, Gibson is on the phone. He's on the phone all day long which is odd because neither his parents nor I am really on the phone that much. He uses various things for phones. Real phones, a toy phone, seashells, boxes, whatever. I always feel as if I'm interrupting a conversation when I ask him questions. "Gibson, would you like a banana? Oh, wait. You're on the phone. I'm sorry."
They were playing with a dolphin and an elephant in a pan of water. Elephants like water you know. The pan was supposed to be on the towel but the towel got a little crowded. That didn't last too long to tell you the truth. The water was escaping its container in mysterious ways. Like into the dump truck and that brass thing. 
Anyway, it's not ALL Rolling Stones and running around here. There are other activities. 
And yes, The Mickey Mouse Club was on. Don't you judge me. I read an entire New Yorker today while those kids entertained themselves. It was awesome. But I played with them a lot too. Candy Land- one game- which is about my limit, and about half a game of Battle with cards. Owen reached his limit with that one. 

There was a bath because Owen has growing pains in his legs and there was lunch, of course, and there was feeding goats and chickens and there was bubble blowing and pretend-I'm-a-wild-animal-and-you-tell-me-to-get-in-my-cage (laundry basket, upside down) and there was some book reading and horse riding and all the regular stuff and there was even a little nap. So it was a good day here at Chez Mermer. 

After the boys left I swept and mopped the laundry room and bathroom and kitchen. It had to be done. Those floors were filthy and nasty and disgusting. Now they are lovely and Mr. Moon is home and I'm going to make some chili and it looks and feels like rain and I am pleading with the gods to bring it on because it's still and hot and humid and thick and sticky and pretty much just your normal early-evening August weather. I don't hear or see a bird or any frogs (who may, at this point, be so saturated with rain that they don't even bother to croak in anticipation of it or maybe they know something I don't) and Mr. Moon is unloading his Georgia Red Dirt Encrusted Truck of the things he took with him to Georgia and this is the way it is here in North Florida tonight. I'm not feeling poetic or funny or too exhausted or too excited or too crazy or too anything, mostly just glad it was a good day and no one fell down or grated themselves and I'm about to go start cutting up peppers and onions and garlic and so forth. 

I hear a porch martini may be in the offing and that's about as exciting as anything I've heard today. 
I've got a clean kitchen floor and that won't last long but it'll be nice as long as it does. 
We're all doing the best that we can around here and I'm sure you are too and let's all try to remember to cherish and appreciate the little things because life IS all about the little things and you can quote me on that although why would you bother? 

Much love...Ms. Moon


  1. You are inspiringly efficient!

  2. I WILL quote you that. It sounds like a perfect day to me.

  3. I wish nothing more than a quiet day, so yours sounds wonderful. And Jonah saw your blog on my laptop and said "Mom, we really need to get some chickens when we move. I'll even let you name one of them Larry." Also, I really would love a clean kitchen and bathroom floor, but then I'd have to mop it and, well.

  4. I guess Gibson got over being hit in the head by the phone pretty quickly as of late. Sweet Jo

  5. You know, Brown Sugar is a great song. Maybe not 40 times. However, as long as you raise two rolling Stones lovin' grandchildren, what the hell.

    I have stickers all over my phone from Towende, a 4 your old I delivered. She decorated my phone while I was delivering her brother. I told her I couldn't find it because it was black and blended in. Now I have planets and stars on my phone. It's much easier to see.

    XXX B

  6. You had a very full day Mer Mer. Those boys have a rich fantasy life. And Owen's diligence with the stickers bodes well for all sorts of life things. That's what I think any way.

  7. "We're all doing the best that we can around here and I'm sure you are too and let's all try to remember to cherish and appreciate the little things because life IS all about the little things." That is a great quote, and I WILL quote you.

    I used to watch the Mickey Mouse Club, too, so I can hardly judge you on that count!

  8. Another well spent day at MerMer's daycare. And I see that Owen now has a watch so he can keep you all on schedule.

  9. Ms Moon, I marvel at all you get done in a day, I really do.
    I'm not his mer mer and I think both those boys are gorgeous.

  10. I love to read about your day. I wish WISH I could have sent my kids to MerMer's daycare.

    Not surprised Owen has growing pains. Superboy.

  11. A- I owe it all to caffeine.

    Elizabeth- It was mighty good.

    Sara- I have checked out your blog and I am sending great hope your way that your life will be your own and that there will be peace for you and your son. I can't comment on wordpress blogs because of a technical thing but if you come back here to read this, please know I'm thinking of you.

    Sweet Jo- He appears to be perfectly fine.

    Beth Coyote- That's great! And yes, stickers on the phone would make it MUCH easier to find. I have to tell you- I'm still liking "Brown Sugar." How is that even possible?

    Angella- He impressed me with his diligence. His attention span usually doesn't span that much time.

    Steve Reed- At least it wasn't Sponge Bob which is his favorite show.

    Jill- Except that it doesn't work but it's a nice accessory. And it is a Sponge Bob watch. See above. So- it's a fashion statement.

    Yobobe- As is Mr. Chips with those cheeks and I know you miss him.

    Jo- I had them and so did all my kids. They hurt!

  12. Mickey Mouse club was one of my favorites. My cousin and I would sit and watch it and pick at each other. Good times back in the day.


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