Monday, August 5, 2013

Like A Dream

I am being a major lazy-ass this morning. All I can say I've done is drink coffee and feed the chickens. I tried to take a picture of Mrs. Baby and her baby but they all came out like blurry black streaks. Those are some shy chickens! But the baby is doing well and is growing and Mrs. Baby is regaining her strength and weight nicely after her long bout of being broody on the eggs.

That party yesterday wore my old ass OUT. Of course, what we were celebrating was Billy and Shayla's legal marriage in California last month and we teased them about how many more times they'll be getting hitched as the laws change and so forth. It has been pointed out that there is no way they can ever get divorced at this point, seeing as how they're double-married, etc. I'm pretty sure that they're never going to get divorced anyway. Their union is a force for good in this universe and as such needs to stay intact.
That's my opinion anyway.

I need to take the trash and recycle. Jesus. I should be embarrassed about how many bottles and cans accumulated last night. Holy Drinks Like A Fish, Batman! Quite a bit of food got consumed as well. The chickens even got to celebrate as the kids and Shayla and I fed them about half a bag of tortilla chips. Chickens love tortilla chips. They don't care much for hot sauce, though.

So it's Monday morning in Lloyd and I have no obligations except to take this trash. I feel like I'm finally really and truly home. I have no idea whatsoever what I'm doing today but whatever it ends up being, it's going to be slow. And god, am I boring today.


At least you're not paying for this shit. Maybe something exciting will be happening down at the trash depot which I can report on later. I know you're on the edge of your seat now.

Love From Lloyd On A Monday Morning...Ms. Moon


  1. I can't wait to check back in for stories from the trash depot. Seriously.

    My family parties go a lot like yours, and the recycling bin tells quite a tale.

    Happy Monday, and I've gotten little done here too. Time to get up and get going.

  2. you couldnt be boring if you tried. happy monday!

  3. It sounds like a perfect Monday. I'm jealous =)

  4. I drove past Lloyd on the way from Texas to FL to say goodbye to my father in law this past week, and I told my husband that you make that place sound so interesting. Maybe the town should hire you to market it to tourists-ha!

  5. I'm having a do nothing day myself so far. it's too hot to go outside and I guess I'll get to a little bit of work later, but after the last two days, I may just vegetate.

  6. Love me some trash depot info!

    Also, you want sidewalks in Lloyd? Just asking.

  7. Mel- I always feel the need to point out to anyone who may be even vaguely curious that WE HAD A PARTY!

    Angella- You are too damn sweet.

    Rachel- Are you doing that poetry thing tonight?

    Ashley- There is nothing at all interesting about Lloyd unless you live here. And it's not even a village. Well, maybe a teeny village. Of course it fascinates me but I'm so easily entertained that it's ridiculous.

    Elizabeth- They are for me.

    Ellen Abbott- After having read your last post, I think you should definitely vegetate for a day or two at least.

    Magnum- It was slow at the depot today. And no, I do not want sidewalks but I hear we're getting one anyway. A very short one. Which goes basically from nowhere to nowhere but will go right in front of my house. At least the kids can sidewalk chalk it.

  8. We call our trash depot the Island K-Mart. And it is a bit like that because one never knows what can be found there. I once brought home a double pedestal solid mahog. table and refinished it for C. It is still in the dining room and looking fine.

  9. Syd- We've found some treasures too. A beautiful picture frame, a nice old rusty wagon that I have lemon balm planted in, some lovely old glass bottles. But a mahagony table? Whoo! Major score.


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