Monday, August 19, 2013

The Flavor Of The Day Would Be Vanilla

Woke up this morning from extremely amusing dreams, none of which involved Keith Richards but you can't ask for everything. Also discovered, upon arising, that I had a tick firmly attached to my belly and chigger bites in the crotchular area.
Oh, what a great beginning to a week! I tweezed the tick out and scratched my crotch and really, I should not be going out in public this week because when a chigger bite itches, you are going to scratch it and that's all there is to it.
Took the dogs to Ms. Beverly's for their grooming and they were happy as always to go and see her. When we get to the beginning of the long driveway, Dolly starts singing her happy soprano opera about the joys of being groomed and she continues it until she is in her little waiting-cage. Ms. Beverly and I had a lovely chat, as we always do, and then I came home and took my walk in the hot, wet air of Lloyd and now I'm back, sheets in the washing machine, and pretty happy despite the insect assault on my person.

It's the dog days, I guess. I don't know.

And there you have it. Life in all its glory or at least what passes for glory around here. I wish I had a joke or even a rant but I just don't. Instead I have a pretty swell life, a little fan blowing on me as I cool down, a washing machine, and cabinets stocked with a fair amount of food. It's hard to get worked up about anything with such riches at my disposal.

Ms. Beverly asked me what I was going to bitch about when my dogs do finally die. I said, "I'll find something."
And I will.
But for today, even though the dogs are merely away for a few hours and still very much alive, I just don't feel like bitching or even complaining. Hell, even the chiggers and the tick were just doing what they're supposed to do and it's not their fault they found me to do it to.

But if you have something to bitch about, go ahead and tell me about it in the comments. I'll get all worked up on your account. I promise.

Happy Monday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Sounds like you're having a great day, chiggers notwithstanding. Must be because the dogs are absent. Enjoy it! :)

  2. The tick plus chiggers are just too much. I'm glad it didn't put you on the wrong side of the bed, it would have for me.

    I've got nothing to bitch about today. The girls went back to school and finally I have a moment's peace, as well as cinnamon scones. I could bitch about the relentless rain, but I'm tired of bitching about that.

    Happy Monday.

  3. I don't have anything in particular to bitch about -- just the usual which is pretty boring. You know: Sophie's relentless seizures, tight money situation, etc. etc.

  4. Compared to that, no, I have nothing about which to complain.

  5. take a cool bath with a box of baking soda in it or epsom salts or something that doesn't work but feels like it might then wear a big blowsy skirt around and then you can back up against a wall and reach up in there and scratch to your heart's content and no one will know.




  6. I just realized at lunchtime that my car's air conditioner isn't working. And we're back to summer here in Ohio after such a nice cool week last week. But at least I'm not in Florida so I don't think I'll complain after all!

  7. Sylvia got some chigger bites while rolling down a big hill during the fireworks this summer. One was in her belly button, and bothered her for ages. I'm having a great day, so not much to bitch about. Yesterday though, my husband cut down a prickly bush, and when I went out to pull the vines from around the stump and out of my flower beds, there were tiny prickle branches all over, and I got poked dozens of times, through my gloves. I felt pretty bitchy, then.

  8. My microwave plate broke when I was heating up Lasagne for lunch a bit ago. I still have mold on one AC after killing it dead but getting it out is a reeeeal bitch. so I had lunch. and my plate broke.

    and... what were you doing to get yer crotch chigger bit? I don't want to dwell on that image but and a tick on your belly? dang

  9. Steve- I swear. All those dogs do these days is sleep. And want out every time I'm on the porch. Every time.

    Ms. Vesuvius- Ah- I remember that peace! Enjoy!

    Elizabeth- Yeah. That's all. I love you, woman!

    Magnum- What? You've never woken up with chiggers and a tick?

    Madame King- You made me laugh. For real and true.

    The Bug- I originally read that as "My cat's air conditioner isn't working," and I was like...what?

    Lora- I would have been swearing like a sailor. But then, you know me.

    Carolyn- I got these from the garden. Ticks and chiggers can crawl up to wherever they want. And chiggers always like to get right where clothing has bands. Like...underwear. Mostly.

  10. Wow, we really are living in the same place! I guess ticks are really bad around here which I shall discover as I get out more, and lord almighty I HATE them.

    The screens on my windows have holes, so bugs get in. Last night I slept without AC which was glorious except that I kept waking up to bugs crawling on me. Sigh.

  11. I want to think of something to get you really, really worked up on my behalf. I feel shy that pretty much everyone doesn't have anything to bitch about, Elizabeth who could bitch every day is fairly calm every day and you are taking your uncomfortable bites in stride and Rebecca makes you laugh when I could come up with a list of things that I feel bitchy about today. i am tired, my tummy hurts me, my list of things to do never ends and even when I finish them, those very same things get back added on there sooner or later, I feel depressed and a bit hopeless today, Why isn't my life exactly how I want it to be? Why can't i be one of these people that is carefree and optimistic and happy-go-lucky and living in the moment? I'm tired of cleaning my house, how did I get all this stuff? Should I even have a garage sale or donate it all to a charitable organization? Is that enough to get worked up over? I've got more if you need it. Please get worked up for me. I want to see what that would look like. Sweet Jo

  12. It's too late and I'm feeling too mellow to find anything to bitch about . . However, I'm sure I could come back in the morning with a thing or two ;-)
    I'm glad the dogs enjoyed their outing.

  13. Sweet Jo- I am FURIOUS on your behalf. Simply FURIOUS! Seriously, honey, I know those days and they are overwhelming and worth bitching about. I don't understand why some days the "little things" are so insurmountably hard to deal with and some days they are simply...little things. But when they add up, they can just break your back. I know.
    That wasn't very good. I'm sorry. But I do understand.

    Bugerlugs- Okay. I'll be here.

  14. Nothing to carry on about here. I did visit a friend's place today and I swear, it looks like something straight out of Architectural Digest. It is....over the top. I got to see how the truly rich live and it is a bit much.


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