Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pure Goodness

It is so beautiful this morning that I have opened the hallway doors and the kitchen door to let some of the fresh, cool, light-polished air inside. It is that day in August when fall's distant whisper is first heard.
There is a goodness about today. Last night was a sweet one with my husband and we held each other close and after all these years, there is such joy in that. I never for one second forget how lucky I am in this good man's love. The fact of his loving me continues to astound me and his love over the years has sustained and healed me in ways that I could not have experienced with anyone else on this earth. His very bones are made of steadfast goodness which yes, I can compare to this day's light and air and scent of earth, of leaf.

The boys are coming but not until later this afternoon. I am feeling...not so bad. Slow and a bit achy, but nothing horrible and I am going to take what I brought home from lunch yesterday which was the most delicious soup and add to it and make that our supper for tonight and make bread and do laundry and the chickens are already out and fed and tomorrow we are leaving for the east coast and my heart is so quietly happy to think of that. To think of the drive, the part of it beside the Indian River down to where we turn by the Sebastian River, to turn again on to the still-not-paved roads where I roamed as a child. They are made of white sand, those roads, and they gleam in the moonlight. The houses I knew as a child are still there, the river still flows and at sunset the giant fishes feed in the current, the great blue heron stands perched on one leg, patiently waiting for his supper on the sandbar, the dock where we will watch the sunset, my husband, this good man as he, too, takes part in the ritual of fishing, casting and reeling in, casting and reeling in, until the sun is truly set and we shall head up to the little cottage by the pool, by the river.

Each one of these good moments in my life is given thanks for, over and over again, forever for me.



  1. You paint such beautiful pictures with your words.

    I, too, am lucky to have a man like Mr. Moon. He is my rock and many times keeps me from spiraling out into crazyland and getting lost.

  2. Beautiful photos, beautiful post. Looks like the perfect place to sit and play the piano and the perfect place for fishing.

  3. Pure goodness is the perfect title for this post. And both photos are so beautiful that they nearly made me cry.

  4. Your words really convey how you feel about Mr. Moon. You are such an authentic writer. There is not a bit of bullshit in you. (I mean that as a very sincere compliment.)

    I can really picture your childhood neighborhood with those white sand roads, too. I grew up on roads like that, but sadly, ours were paved long ago. (Well, maybe it's sad. I don't know. I guess pavement doesn't suck entirely.)

  5. I can't imagine such a place or, for that matter, such a certain and long-time love. It's like stepping into a fable just to read about it.

  6. A nice and inspirational post Ms Moon!

  7. Beautiful photos. I made them large and looked deep into them. This may be one of the few trips you plan with no angst. That says a lot about the healing properties of the place.

  8. This whole post is pure goodness. The photos are gorgeous. I couldn't help thinking what a beautiful example you set for your children and grandchildren (when they read this someday) when you speak about your loving relationship with your husband the way you do. This is one of those times my heart just overflows with my belief in YOUR goodness. Sweet Jo

  9. Sylvia- I know exactly what you mean. And that makes me lucky and you too.

    The Bug- Yes.

    Bugerlugs- No one plays that piano and eventually, I'm going to have to get rid of it but for now, there it sits.

    Elizabeth- Such simple and real joys. You know?

    Steve Reed- From you I take that as a huge compliment. Thank you. And no, nothing is wrong with pavement but sometimes a dirt road is plenty and a joy.

    Andrea- I am so sorry that you can't imagine such a place or such a love. I know, though, that many cannot and that is why I never, for an instant, take my life for granted.

    Jenny Woolf- Thank-you, m'am!

    Angella- You know exactly the truth. Yes.

    Sweet Jo- Sometimes I feel like you are an angel in my life. I hope that's okay. From my heart- thank-you.

  10. Oh, those white sand roads will be gleaming extra-brightly as you will be arriving the day after the full moon ~ enjoy!

  11. Isn't it good to have someone in your life that you love with all your heart? I think so.


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