Monday, August 5, 2013

Randomosity. And Spiders.

I wish you could smell my house right now. It smells like heaven because of this:

I remembered my poor, long-suffering and ignored sourdough starter today and so, with nothing else to do I made up a loaf of sourdough whole wheat and oat bran bread. So far, that's all I have planned for supper. Mr. Moon is on his way to Orlando to the auction. I wish I'd cooked some pinto beans but I didn't and it's too late now although I suppose I could get out the pressure cooker.
Gee Dee. I HAVE no pinto beans! How is this even possible?
Well, scratch that idea.

I don't even care. I've been eating off the fat of the land for over a week now. I shouldn't even be eating bread tonight but you know damn well I will.

Okay. Here's something that's funny. I finally made it in the blog world. Yep. I got an offer to review a product! You have no idea the excitement which this has generated. The subject line of the e-mail was I Love Your Site!
And then proceeded like this:

I wanted to offer you one of our leather tablet cases, Mac cases, Kindle cases or iPhone Cases for reviewing. We only contact popular and creative sites and assuming that a large percentage of your readers own a tablet of some sort, and an eye for style, this may be up their street. A small, stylish and practical addition to everyday life!

I work for a company called (deleted). We sell a large range of cases for many different types of tablets and smartphones. You can find us at: (deleted).
They come in a range of cute colours in genuine leather to match your outfit or your lifestyle and are the biggest seller in the USA. They are Amazon's best sellers in the USA, UK, Germany, France and Japan! As bought by celebrities including Justin Timberlake, Hugh Jackman and Simon Cowell and big enterprises alike, we have supplied custom branded cases to Cadillac, GMC and the CIA! With half a million units sold in the last 12 months! Wowzerr! The demand for our cases is just astronomical, with a case bought every 30 seconds! 
I am a particular fan of the iPad Mini case and iPhone 5 case: (deleted)
Look forward to hearing from you,

Well, you can only imagine my excitement to have received this e-mail. To know that Callum considers blessourhearts to be a popular and creative site where it can only be assumed that a large percentage of the readers own a tablet of some sort and an eye for style! Yes! Finally! The recognition that not only I but also my dear, lovely, faithful readers deserve! And that although the demand for these products is already astronomical with buyers like Simon Cowell (!!!!), Callum believes in his heart that if I talked about them on my site, the sales would go up even higher! Like, maybe they'd sell one every 29 seconds!
Wowzerr indeed! 

Hoo-boy. No. I didn't reply. May and Jessie thought I should. But I don't know. I'm not really interested in electronic device cases that match my outfit and I don't even know what in this whole wide world would match my lifestyle. Sweat-proof for one thing, I suppose.

Still, I was honored. I still am. 

Okay. Here's some more pictures.

Yes! It is the Golden Orb Weaver (aka, Banana Spider) time of year again! Talk about exciting! One of those ladies and her tiny mate is living by the kitchen door. The other one is directly over the swing on the side porch which adds a frisson of danger every time Gibson and I swing out there. 
Here's a dead one which Owen pointed out I was sitting right next to yesterday when we went out to have a little chat on the porch during the party.

Poor thing. She's all curled up and dried-out.
I can relate.

You know what I miss about my last house? The pool. I wish I had one. Yeah, that was random. But I do. One time when Lon and Lis came to visit us at that house we had martinis and...
Oh. Wait. Maybe I ought not to tell that story.
God, it was fun.
The kids have some good stories about fun times in that pool too but in order to protect the guilty, I shall not repeat them. Sometimes I can't believe all four of my kids have managed to grow up completely alive but then again, sometimes I can't believe I grew up to be completely alive. Hell, I grew up during the Quaalude days. 
All right. Enough about that. 

Well, I guess that's about all I have to report. The trash depot was not rocking today. The attendant dude was the old guy who seems to mostly sit and chat with his buddies and they barely gave me a glance as I toted my beer cans and bottles to their proper receptacles. I didn't even have to inform them that I'd had a party to explain the vast size of my recycle goods. They didn't care at all. There was an incredibly strange-looking little man in the post office and I can't even begin to describe him except to say that if he'd been dressed in a leather jerkin he would have looked far more appropriate. He seemed to have hair in unusual places. Know what I mean? But I just nodded and smiled at him and thought oh my god and opened my P.O. box and retrieved my mail and got the hell out of there. I guess I'll go figure out what to eat for my supper. Besides bread. I do have a small, personal-sized eggplant from the garden with only one insect-created hole in it so maybe I'll do something with that. It's been a slow, easy, groovy day and I hung my clothes on the line and cleaned a toilet and made that bread and made Mr. Moon his snack bag and coffee drink for the road and my face is much better and I'm very grateful about that. I realized after talking to Shayla yesterday that I should have paid a lot more attention to my dermatologist when he said something about not putting that stuff on my face when I went to the beach because although I haven't really been to the beach, I do go outside every day of my life which is why I have  pre-cancers all over my face anyway. I mean, I wear a hat but I guess that's not good enough. Anyway, to sum up, the oozy-scabbing stuff is my own damn fault. Of course. 

It's been a very nice day and I've been glad for it and will be the better for it, having rested and restored.

I would wish the same for you, my faithful and eye-for-style friends.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Woo hoo! We've arrived, sliding across the eye-for-style line along with you! Simon Cowell has nothing on you, Lady Moon.

  2. I get lots of offers from rehab places to write articles and for me to review books about drugs and alcohol. I don't want to review books anymore on drugs and alcohol. But I would review one on sailing or something happy...maybe. But that requires a commitment and I'm fresh out of those at the moment.

  3. Reading this was pure relaxation. As always, thanks for sharing your stories. Our dinner tonight came from my dad's garden. We had burgers with sliced tomatoes, green beans, roasted squash, and corn on the cob. Love garden eating.

  4. Congrats~ I'm with May and Jessie on this one. (Not that you asked, but...) I think you should reply and just get some further info. You can still back out, but it may lead to something exciting. Like oh, I donno, maybe Bill Murray or Johnny D will hear of your fame and eye for style, then check out your creative website and then see that you have acted in Freddie's films... They will love you and him and sky rocket his career and put you in a movie with Bill or Johnny! Now do you really want to say no to all that before further investigation? :-)
    xoxo PS I emailed with Missippy last night. Was good to hear from him. He cracks me up still.

  5. Angella- What a hoot, no?

    Syd- I'm with you, brother.

    Lora- You are right. I just had a pasta supper with a sauce made from eggplant and peppers and basil from the garden. Yes. Delicious. How are you, girl? I miss you!

  6. Ms. Fleur- Nah. I'm good with being completely under the radar and too small for anyone to notice. Freddy is in LA as we speak and doesn't need me. I miss Mississipy.

  7. It breaks my heart a little...that poor banana spider.

  8. That looks like the shedded exoskeleton of a spider. Remember when we had one outside our front door? She shedded her skin and stayed alive. It's a possibility right?

  9. Congratulations on getting discovered even if you don't have an interest. It is exciting! Beyond that, I could eat that whole loaf of bread right now with butter, it looks fabulous and I can just imagine the smell! I would be more than happy to review that for you and your readers:)! You are holding a spider and that is brave. I want to hear the pool stories. I love your blog. Sweet Jo

  10. Last night was so much fun. I love our family.

    I got a book to review one time, and it was the shittiest book I ever read and I said so, and that is why no one tries to get me to review books anymore.

  11. What? You guys had a spider that shed like a snake? On my sole (very brief)foray through Canada I saw a white-furred fish displayed on a wall
    in a glass case with a plaque that said it was the rare Canadian Rabbit Fish. I'll believe anything. Briefly.

  12. Gee Dee lady! I'm with the girls on this one - review that product. Good for you. You've arrived. We've all arrived!

    And I can't believe I could like typing "Gee Dee" more than I do.

  13. Birdie- Did you read what Lily said? I think maybe that's what we found there.

    Lily- I had forgotten that! Yes! I'll be that is the exoskeleton of that lovely, healthy spider up by the ceiling! Thank you for reminding me!

    Sweet Jo- That was some good bread. That's all the review we need on that and if I sent you a loaf, it wouldn't be any good by the time it got to you which is sad because I'd love to send you a loaf of bread.

    Mr. Downtown- You made me laugh. Good morning!
    I love you!

    A- I'm the same way. Incredibly trusting while at the same time, I don't believe anything.

    Jill- I always say that- Gee Dee! because David Sedaris writes about his father as saying that. And when I listen to his books on CD, I love the way he says it. Gee Dee!

  14. I'm good, thanks for asking! I've been reading, but so busy that it's more like I devour your last 5 posts in one sitting, then get away from the computer to do the things I've planned to do that I should definitely be doing, but I'd much rather be sitting here reading blogs. I didn't know life with kids would get busier as they get older, but it sure has.

  15. Oh my God. That e-mail was hilarious. You could review the same brand of iPod cover owned by JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE! And the CIA! Wowzerr! How can you resist???

    That just proves that truth is stranger than fiction.

    As for the spider, I wonder if that's an old exoskeleton and not a dead spider. Don't they molt and shed their old skins as they grow larger?

  16. Oh, never mind. I see Lily beat me to it with the exoskeleton comment. Anyway, I'm glad that's what it is, rather than a dead one!


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