Monday, August 19, 2013

Let's Go!

Oh yay, oh yay, oh YAY!
We are going away on Thursday but not to Dog Island, not that there's anything wrong with Dog Island but our partner in the house went down last week and it was so hot he was miserable, not even any afternoon breeze off the ocean and well, it'll be there in October and November when it's far nicer and more tolerable.
But we do want a get-away and we're going to one of my most favorite places ever in the world which is Roseland, the place where I lived when I was a little girl and we'll be staying at the place which was a virtual ruin when I was a child and which we explored like Jr. archeologists exploring the lost ruins of the fabled Cuidad del Oro (I don't know if that's even a thing; I just made it up) and it's on the banks of the Sebastian River which I'm pretty sure Tarzan lives on and there are islands and manatees and the Atlantic Ocean a few miles away and the Ocean Grill restaurant and a sunset every night on the dock over the river with the view I loved as a child.

If you are newish here and have any desire, just do a search up there for "Roseland" or just click on "Roseland" in the cloud thingee over there and you'll find about fifty blog posts about this place AND my childhood and so forth and so on and I don't know why you would but you can if you want. 

And yes, it is going to be hot but unlike on Dog Island, there are places to go and places to eat and Mr. Moon can even get up before dawn and go fish at the Sebastian Inlet which he likes to do and I'll stay back at the little cabana and have coffee by the pool where the lions that fascinated and baffled me as a child spit water now into the deep pretty pool and the lizards will scurry in the hibiscus and the bamboo will knock gently against itself and I can walk down the road to the Methodist Thrift Shop if I want or I can just float in the pool and we can canoe or kayak on the river and three days is not going to be long enough but I'll take it. I'll take it! 

That's my news and will you come with me? 
I hope so. 

Start packing. We leave early Thursday morning. And I mean EARLY. We are going to Florida! I can't wait. (Yes. I know. I live in Florida. This is a different Florida. Believe me. Trust me. Thanks.)


  1. Ooo! My imaginary bag is packed! :-)

  2. Yay! sounds sweet and fun and relaxing. So happy we get to along.

  3. I'm ready! I'm not even gonna pack; I'll get all I need, and some stuff I don't need, in the Methodist Thrift Shop. Florida! x

  4. Sounds perfect. I'll meet ya'll there.

  5. I know you'll have a wonderfully relaxing vacation. Good for you!

  6. UM, YES, I'll come with! Hope you have a great time, Ms. Moon. I remember you talking about this wonderful place.

  7. Floating, thrift shops and manatees! Sounds like my kind of fun weekend! I shall pack a bag right away. Wait for me.. 'cause i have to fly from the west coast first!

  8. Yay! We're going on a trip. I recognize those lions and can't wait to see them again.

  9. With the splendid rant on my behalf you win an all expense paid 3 days with your Mr Handsome all by yourself with sweet hugs and kisses sent thru the airwaves from Owen and Gibson and drinks while floating on that raft and your heart's desire in that thrift shop. Send that bill to the Good Santa and tell him Sweet Jo said to take care of you. We'll join you next time.

  10. A- One never knows. But possibly...

    Birdie- Good!

    Yobobe- I would never leave y'all at home.

    Bugerlugs- Now THERE'S the right attitude! There's a Goodwill about a mile away too, so no worries.

    Elizabeth- Just come on in through the stucco and iron gates.

    Nancy- I think it's going to be so fun.

    Nicol- I have talked about it a lot. It's magical for me.

    Mary- Hurry!

    Jill- Oh, you will.

    Sweet Jo- You're precious!

  11. It sounds like a great place to visit. And that photo of the spewing fountain looks wonderful.

  12. I googled Roseland and found that it's less than three hours from us, so we'd love to meet you there someday!

    Also read that Arlo Guthrie has a home there ~ did you know that?

    Have a wonderful time, you lovebirds:)

  13. Syd- It is truly a lovely, strange part of Florida.

    Lulumarie- I had heard that. I don't know if it's true. There is an Ashram there, I think and I believe it's on the property of where I used to go to church as a child. If so, they picked a gorgeous spot. And yes- it would be fun to meet you guys there!

  14. I am really looking forward to seeing something of Roseland. I've never spent much time in that part of the state, so I'm curious!


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