Saturday, August 17, 2013

It's Been A Lovely Day

Raining again. Hard right now. We had a big break of time without it this afternoon though and I went out and worked in the garden some, cutting old tomato ties and pulling up the plants, doing a little weeding. The chickens came in and joined me and that made me happy.
I swear to you- if I were a therapist, I'd probably recommend that all of my grieving or anxious or depressed clients to get some chickens. Remember when I was suffering so much anxiety? My chickens soothed me like nothing else. Wait a minute- when did I get chickens? How old are these birds?
I don't know. I'm too lazy to go back and look.
And maybe I don't want to know because I don't want to think about my chickens getting old. Dogs? Yes. Chickens? No.

So Mr. Moon and I have both checked out the feet of the banty roosters from next door and they are featherless while Baby's baby has extremely feathered feet. Guess who else has feathered feet? Elvis. Mmmmm....
As Mr. Moon said, "Elvis is looking more and more like a daddy."
And I said, "I'm pretty glad I didn't witness that act."
He agreed that it would have been a little scary to watch.

Mr. Moon was talking on the phone to Owen today. He asked Owen if he'd like to go out on the boat this weekend some time. Owen said, "That would be lovely!" which cracked both of us up so much. That boy does listen to his grandmother. "Lovely" is, without a doubt, my word.
And that boy, without a doubt, is my boy.
Well, sort of.

I think that we're going to play some cards now. Listen to a little Prairie Home Companion. Then we'll eat some leftovers. And you know what? That excites me. As much as I care to be excited, anyway.

One more thing. Have y'all seen this?

You probably have but if you haven't, you might want to. I'd like to give Stephen Colbert a big kiss on the lips for this segment. It's beautiful. And so is the town of Vicco, Kentucky.

All right. Someone's shuffling the cards. Let's all check in again tomorrow okay? That would be lovely.


  1. That's my state! :) :)

    I think you got the chickens around that time. 4-5 years ago. It was a clean the baseboard kind of day around here. Quiet and so, so much needed.

    Love you.

  2. I listen to the chickens that are down the road. I hear that rooster crow and think of Elvis. Not as much rain here today. Lovely!

  3. Just checked in for my bedtime story; two posts! and photos!
    I love the photo of you in the restroom, complete with "halo" and cheeky smile. Truly beautiful.
    Re "If I were a therapist . . ." you ARE a therapist. In many ways x

  4. SJ- My baseboards would die of shock if I cleaned them So good for you!
    And good for Vicco, KY.

    Syd- You need to get you some chickens. You won't regret it.

    Bugerlugs- I just saw that halo of which you speak. Believe me- trick of the camera, not sign of divinity. Ha!

  5. A- Even if he IS part of the gay mafia, right?

  6. Our neighbor boys have gotten chickens twice in the last few years - & each time Mike & I get all attached & give them names & then they disappear (I know not where - & I don't WANT to know). The last time I was actually making plans for what the heck we would do with them over the winter - they spent more time in our yard than the one next door. But as it happened I needn't have worried.

    I LOVE that video! It's one of the best things I've seen lately.

  7. That video clip was lovely, thanks, it made me very happy.

    I would love to reallocate some of your rain, my garden is getting crispy and the rain barrels are empty. It's strange how the weather works, and it looks to be getting stranger.

    And I agree, you are a therapist!

  8. Lovely, lovely, lovely. All of it.

  9. Brilliant clip I have not seen before! That pastor has gotta go! That mayor is way cool. Just like yo Ms Moon! Thanks for sharing that! Sweet Jo

  10. Awww, I can't stream the video from the UK! What a drag. Oh well.

    Dave keeps saying he wants chickens, but you know, I think we pretty much need a yard first. I just don't see them being happy on the balcony! LOL


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